DEAR HARRIETTE: I wanted to comment about the woman who wrote to you concerning the male members of her fitness center who were leering at or making offensive remarks to the ladies.

I have four words for her: Stand up for yourself.

If a politician, supervisor, business owner or complete stranger gropes you or makes some other kind of offensive remark, do something about it right then and there. Yell, scream, make a scene or, better yet, slap the offender.

You should not be embarrassed or fear reprisal simply because you are an attractive female. That is what these juveniles are hoping for. When this happened to my wife at the bowling alley, she told the offender in a very loud voice, “Keep your hands to yourself.”

Why do you want to get someone else involved? And why did you suggest she do so? Why wait months or even years to relay the incident to the news media or the courts in hope of getting someone to believe you and discredit the offending jerk? If women are unwilling to stop this kind of behavior, it will continue.


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