RHONJ's Teresa Giudice Talks “Biggest Backstab” With Her Family, Says It “Felt Like a Knife" in Her Heart

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In the early seasons of the Real Housewives of New Jersey, a war began between Teresa Giudice and several of her family members – including brother Joe Gorga, sister-in-law Melissa Gorga, and cousin Kathy Wakile.

At the time, fans were confused by the animosity, though Teresa later shared that the three castmates joined the show behind her back, completely blindsiding her.

Teresa’s claim has been hotly disputed by Melissa, who seemed to paint Teresa as the bad guy. A few months ago, however, former RHONJ producer Carlos King confirmed Teresa’s version of events, claiming she was indeed blindsided.

On her “Namaste B$tches” podcast, Teresa addressed the “biggest backstab” she’s had within her family.

It involves her brother Joe, Melissa, and Kathy – and seems to reference how they joined the show.

“That was the biggest backstab with my family,” said Teresa in a clip she shared on Instagram. “Like [the biggest] heartbreak that I could have ever felt.”

The bestselling author continued, “That was my first time. [It] felt like a knife in my heart from both, from my brother and Melissa and from my cousin Kathy.”

The metaphorical knife wound from Kathy was particularly hurtful “because I was really close to my cousin Kathy. And to me, family means the world,” said Teresa.

“I go … by ‘The Godfather’ movie, like that’s so me. If anybody never watched a Godfather movie, you need to watch Godfather I, II and III,” explained the star, seeming to address the film’s theme of family loyalty.

In the second ‘Godfather’ movie, Michael Corleone gives his brother a ‘kiss of death,’ after discovering his betrayal. Teresa has alluded to this famous scene, and many fans believe Joe betrayed her in a similar fashion.

Later in the film, Michael has his brother killed. Perhaps the modern Bravo equivalent is refusing to film together – or failing to attend the other’s wedding.


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