In this age where technological advancements are simultaneous and rapid, even basic mechanical accessories like watches have gone digital. In fact, there are now smartwatches that basically function like smartphones. There are also those meant to help with one’s fitness goals or to assist in monitoring one’s health conditions, as well as in maintaining a healthy productive lifestyle. Indeed, even in the world of watches, we’ve gone a long way through the help of technology.

Equally important to the head or the screen of the wristwatch are the straps that technically hold everything together. Unfortunately for most brands or types, the watch bands are given the least attention to details, making them the first ones to get damaged. Hence, a company known as StrapsCo has made it their main goal to provide stylish and trendy straps without compromising the quality – a blend of aesthetics and functionality at its finest. So, you’d better appreciate how they go the extra mile just to produce straps to meet consumers’ needs and wants, here’s an in-depth StrapsCo review. We’ve personally tested some of their products so you can rest assured we’ll only be sharing first-hand experiences and fair judgments.

What Is StrapsCo?

StrapsCo was birthed from an individual’s mere enthusiasm for watches. With the frustration of the scarcity of reasonably priced straps that are suitable replacements for the original, Martin – the founder- started to put together a concrete business plan that could efficiently materialize his ideas. His newly strapped Breitling Navitimer, which he personally designed, was then the start of this watch band empire we all know today.

StrapsCo offers a robust collection of straps – from basic watch bands to smartwatch bands to Fitbit bands to OEM bands. They also offer essential repair and maintenance tools, as well as basic parts like spring bars, buckles, and clasps. They make use of diverse materials and they offer a myriad of collections, making shopping at StrapsCo always a fun and exciting experience. 

Depending on your preferences, you can shop by size, brand, material, design, and lock type. Rest assured that you won’t get bored choosing, regardless if you’re into leather, nato, rubber, steel, vintage, or rally. Also, if you’re tech-savvy, they have an exquisite selection of Fitbit bands – from Fitbit Blaze to Fitbit Sense. Aside from Fitbit, they also have a wide array of options for major brands like Apple Watch, Samsung, and Garmin. Then, even if you’re a consumer who sticks with the basics and classics, you can surely find a suitable replacement strap for your Seiko, Rolex, Tag Heuer, Luminox, Hublot, and various other brands.

The innovative and classy designs are what attracted us to look into StrapsCo bands. Browsing through their collections alone is a treat for the eyes because of the exquisite cuts and designs. Surprisingly, upon testing a couple of their products, we’ve confirmed that the many online reviewers aren’t overreacting – this brand has done a great job in infusing aesthetics and functionality. Furthermore, everything’s offered at reasonably affordable prices. 

What We Think of StrapsCo Products

strapsco review

We’ve personally tried their 20mm Leather Smart Watch Strap and the Buckle-and-tuck Perforated Rubber Band for Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Both products are well-crafted and exquisitely designed down to the smallest details. These smartwatch straps are classy yet trendy, grand yet comfortable.

Whether you’re looking for Fitbit bands, smartwatch bands, or OEM bands, StrapsCo wouldn’t disappoint you. The sizes chart alone comprises a long list of choices – from XS to XL, from 8mm to 44 mm. The colors collections also add up to the fun and excitement as almost all of their straps are available in almost all shades and hues. 

StrapsCo is a one-stop shop for stylish and high-quality bands. They have a wide array of products you can choose from and for sure, you can find a few that could best fit your needs, preferences, and standards. 

StrapsCo offers various watch bands made of different materials. You can choose from leather bands, nato straps, rubber, stainless steel, vintage, rally, croc & alligator. 

Their leather watch bands come in three different styles – classic leather, vintage, and suede. Usually made of nylon, carbon fiber, canvas, and Italian silk, their nato straps aren’t only stylish but also durable and snug. The rubber straps also offer various colors and styles, are designed for comfort, and are perfect for active lifestyles. These are usually made of silicone, vulcanized rubber, polymer (PU), and PVC. The metal watch bands offer a sleek look that can effortlessly add character to the person wearing it – it comes in black, gold, and silver. StrapsCo also offers a rally strap, also known as a racing watch strap, which looks sporty and trendy.

If you’re into sports or fitness and are wearing a health-monitoring smartwatch, you can surely find a suitable strap from StrapsCo. They have available straps for all Fitbit versions from Blaze to Sense. You can choose from rubber straps to metal bracelets to leather bands. You can customize and accessorize your Fitbit gadget. StrapsCo even offers screen protectors, protective cases, and USB chargers.

So aside from health and fitness trackers, StrapsCo has also designed bands for various smartwatches, including major brands like Apple, Samsung, Garmin, and Suunto. Similarly, they offer sleek and exquisite designs while ensuring the safety and security of your compact gadgets. They create professionally looking stainless steel, casual leather straps, sporty rally straps, and fun printed silicone straps.

Original Equipment Manufacturer bands or more commonly known as OEM bands are also included in the vast collection of StrapsCo. They offer a myriad of choices for Rolex, Breitling, Panerai, IWC, Luminox, Seiko, Hublot, Bell & Ross, Omega, TW Steel, Tag Heuer, and several other OEM bands. You can rest assured you’ll be receiving the same quality as the original straps.

Is StrapsCo Legit and Worth Getting?

If you’re big on styles and designs, we’re sure StrapsCo is a suitable brand for you. The same is true if the quality and materials are non-negotiable for you. StrapsCo products have pretty much covered all the bases – materials, cuts, colors, styles, patterns, craftsmanship. 

On top of those impressive aspects, StrapsCo watch bands are surprisingly affordable. With StrapsCo, now you can finally wear your favorite wrist watches with style and comfort without getting your pockets drained. 

Overall, this legit watch band provider trusted by hundreds of thousands of consumers would surely provide great value for your money.

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