Do you ever wonder why some cars look better than others? Some cars even come with accessories such as navigation systems apps, DVD players or satellite radio receivers. Some models boast high tech gadgetry. Others, however, are missing key features. There are hundreds of car manufacturers around the world. They produce thousands of new vehicles every year and each one has its unique design. This article will show you some of the fascinating gadgets that are found in cars.


The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a space-based satellite navigation system operated by the United States Department of Defense. It provides location and time information to anyone with access to the internet or a handheld receiver. GPS first came into use during the Gulf War in 1990 when soldiers were able to pinpoint the position of an enemy tank without having been given exact coordinates. Today’s smartphones can be used to do the same thing. A GPS device uses satellites to determine your current location based on their signals. Once it finds out where you are, it displays your precise latitude, longitude and altitude in addition to giving you directions from there.

CD player

Car owners love listening to music while driving. Unfortunately, CDs are much heavier than MP3s or DVDs. As a result, they take up valuable cargo room inside the trunk. To solve this problem, modern automakers added a compact disc (CD) player to most models. They are so convenient that many drivers don’t realize how old fashioned these machines are.

AM/FM cassette tape or 8 track deck

Cassette tapes are still very popular for storing audio files. Many car stereo sets feature both AM/FM cassettes and USB ports. It’s also possible to watch movies through a digital video disk (DVD), which is made of plastic instead of metal like conventional cassettes. To play back videos, you need to have a compatible player on hand. Most people buy them from online retailers because prices can easily reach $40 or more.

Digital clock

If you want to make sure that you’re not late to work or school, then your best option would probably be a digital clock. These devices are usually built right into the dashboard. The display shows your current time but can also indicate other useful pieces of info, such as the temperature outside or what song is playing. Most of them double as a timer for those who cook. By default, they count down as well as up. Also when playing games, time is very important which is why one’s car should have a digital watch.

In conclusion, all of these gadgets provide convenience, safety and entertainment to car owners. They can be fun, practical and cost-effective at the same time.


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