DEAR MISS MANNERS: Our niece takes offense when she gets wedding invitations that state “No children.”

She has four who cause havoc and always have: fingers in wedding cakes, poor manners (e.g., “I’m not eating that gross food! It looks like vomit”) — you get the message.

They are ages 9 to 15. Their parents ignore them at these events except to take hundreds of photos to post. They keep dragging those kids to adult-only functions, where they commandeer a table by removing place cards. What can we do?

GENTLE READER: If you are the host, Miss Manners suggests some advance tactical planning, such as hiring a babysitter and designating a room for the kids. If you are a guest, she suggests avoiding eating the cake.

DEAR MISS MANNERS: I am a manager at my office, and two of my employees are about to leave the company.


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