I had some of my first guests over to my brand new house (yes, I’m a homeowner!!): Rocket Mortgage!

I grew up extremely poor. Like, free school lunches, all three of us sleeping on one small mattress on the floor, had $20 for all of us to survive on per week kind of poor. I have frequently told you that my job saved my life. Never would I have dreamed that I could not only live by myself (and with such beautiful furnishings that feed my Taurus soul), I could own my own home, by myself…in my hometown of LA, no less.

I’ve been keeping this under wraps since March. I’m not sure why…it’s just so meaningful and precious that I wanted my own time with it. I moved once or twice a year per school year, went to 10 schools before university, and have lived in 31 places my whole life. This house is a big sign that I’m settling down and growing roots, that I’m not afraid to invest in one spot for a long time, and that I see a future somewhere.

While I bought this house by myself, I did have some amazing support from my mom. She couldn’t help me financially, but she helped me in so many other ways. In fact, she was my realtor! My mother treats all her clients like family, but it certainly helped to have such direct access to her expertise. She and I looked at houses like it was a full-time job, often with me on FaceTime because I’d be over 3000 miles away. This housing market has been wild and exciting, with houses selling for $100k-300k over asking (I am not even exaggerating). Somehow, my mom and I still managed to find my dream home.

Having this kind of support is key to a smooth home buying process. Buying a house is exciting but there are so many elements to the process. 

makes it all simple. We are all busy, so knowing I have access to my information 24/7, on my time, is a huge relief. Rocket Mortgage helps people understand how much they can afford so they can act quickly when they find their perfect house–in this HOT housing market, every minute saved puts you ahead of so many other potential buyers.

Partnering with gave me the perfect reason to unveil my cute little home to you all. I purchased this home from the original family (which NEVER happens in LA)–her parents were the original owners and passed the house along to her. She left me a filing cabinet full of every single receipt for every bit of maintenance done on the house. 

The seller also left me everything in the house. Yes, everything. There are even two of her coats hanging next to the back door that I haven’t moved. This total inspiration walked away from her old life with one carry-on suitcase (what a dream!). So, while I’m still bicoastal, it’s almost like I’m on vacation and living in an Airbnb. I’m sitting on someone else’s couch, sleeping in someone else’s bed, and eating off someone else’s plates on someone else’s kitchen table. But all these things actually belong to me. It’s weird. A cool weird.

There are so many things I love about this house. The vaulted ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, an immaculate front yard, and a big backyard with a pool to name a few. I also plan to do some renovations to make this house truly mine–first off, the carpet has got to go, I’m knocking down the walls of the covered patio to bring it inside the house, and eventually I will expand my bedroom.

Take a peek at my video with –I had so much fun filming it, and it was such a pinch-me moment to be showing them around my new home. And check out Rocket Mortgage while you’re at it. You and I, we’re busy people. Just like I told my mom what I wanted, and she ran with it, 

can take all your information and do the work for you. With a simple, easy-to-understand digital experience, you too can have accessible home-buying help.

Check them out !


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