Robyn Dixon Reveals She Doesn’t Know Andy Cohen’s Phone Number, Addresses Show “Editing” and Hints Her Contract Suggests “Shut up and Do Your Job”

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Although Robyn Dixon often flies under the radar of drama on Real Housewives of Potomac, her position as Gizelle Bryant‘s best friend is an important role – as Gizelle has been called the show’s ‘shadow producer.’

For many seasons, Robyn supported Gizelle as she instigated central storylines. While fans enjoy the “Reasonably Shady” duo, Robyn has been accused of never standing up to her friend. But in a previous interview for “Reality with the King,” Gizelle hinted that their previous arguments didn’t make it to the show.

Speaking with Us Weekly, Robyn was asked if she ever called Andy Cohen to complain.

In a surprising response, the star suggested it wasn’t even possible.

“I don’t even have Andy’s phone number,” she revealed.

The 43-year-old added, via Heavy, “I’m probably one of the easiest Housewives in all of the franchises. I go with the flow. I understand, like, I signed up for this job. It’s what it is. And I’m gonna roll with the punches.”

“Although there’s some things that, you know, I might see stuff in editing that I don’t like or [something] they left that out, they added a couple of words to something I said. It’s what I’m signed up for,” she continued.

Robyn also hinted that her contract suggests, “‘Shut up and do your job, OK!’” She therefore doesn’t “complain.”

In a 2021 interview for “No Filter with Naomi,” the executive producer gave some insight which perhaps explains why Robyn doesn’t have his number.

“I would say Potomac and Dallas and Salt Lake [City casts] have been the slowest to get my number because they’re the newest, so if any of them need it, then they get it. Then they have it,” he said.

A few years earlier, Andy told The Daily Dish, “I think what people don’t realize about me is that I really have a constant going with the Housewives and very random Househusbands on my phone.”

He added, “This is my life, absolutely. Sometimes they’re mad at me. Sometimes they’re not.”

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