RHOA's Kandi Burruss Says She's Tired of "Fake" Marlo's "Bullsh-t" After Marlo Tells Her to "Do Some Sh-t" for Black Culture, Wonders What Marlo's Doing

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Kandi Burruss is fighting back against Marlo Hampton after learning her Real Housewives of Atlanta castmate had shaded her for focusing on sex rather than helping the Black community.

After Marlo suggested Kandi show people how to “contribute to a play and become a producer” or “how to get a restaurant” and told her to “do some sh-t for the Black culture” on the Reality with The King podcast, Kandi slammed Marlo as “so fake” before sharing what she’s done both on-camera and off and asking what Marlo has done.

“She be so fake to me… Last night she was sending us an invite to her thing. She wanted us to come support her and her business or whatever and I was the first one on the group text, probably the only one, no one of two of all the Housewives who said, ‘Oh yeah girl, I’m gonna come be there for you,’” Kandi told The Neighborhood Talk, via Instagram, at the premiere of B-Boy Blues.

“She gets on my motherf-cking nerves. I’m tired of her bullsh-t. She’s fake as f-ck,” Kandi added.

According to Kandi, she does a lot for the Black community, much of which hasn’t been shown on RHOA.

“If y’all do not know, I’ve been doing way more for the community than all of them,” Kandi insisted. “I don’t mind saying it, okay? I don’t always do everything I do on television but if you want to go to television receipts, even the food drives I did in the past, who was [trying to show up] to help? Her. And she wanna act like she don’t remember?”

“I pay off college tuitions for people I don’t even know, I put all my businesses in black communities so that I can bring more jobs to our community,” Kandi continued, asking, “What’s she doing?”

Kandi went on to reveal that Marlo should know how committed she is to advancing the Black community because she’s made efforts to help Marlo. In fact, in addition to being supportive of Marlo getting a peach, she actually helped her land another show on a different network, although Marlo ultimately dropped the ball.

“Of all people that I’ve helped, she should know because when she wasn’t on this show and couldn’t get on this show for years, who helped her get another show on another network? But she wanted kiss a– and be a ‘friend’ of the show again on this show so she let that opportunity drop. But it’s facts,” Kandi stated. “I got her a whole other show on another network when she needed help and she wanna get over here and show her motherf-cking a–.”

The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 14 airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.



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