Hey everyone. I get to check out some cool products as part of this blog and when I find something that I think is useful, I like to share it here. Recently, I was able to test out the Arclight Pedals from Redshift Sports. In short, they’re a great addition to my ebike and a product that’s definitely worth considering.

In this Redshift Arclight Pedals Review, we’ll go over what these pedals are, what my experience with them has been like, and whether they are something you should consider investing in for your bike.  

What Are The Arclight Pedals?

At the outset, let’s talk about what these pedals are. The Redshift Arclight Pedals are replacement pedals for your bike. They’re made of high-quality aluminum and feel very sturdy and high-quality (Redshift states that the pedals have integrated, non-removable aluminum grip “teeth” around the perimeter of the pedal that help provide traction on your shoes). 

Source: Redshift Sports

The pedals are easily installed by simply removing your old pedals and installing the new pedals. You’ll just need a wrench to remove the old pedals and you’ll also want to add some bike grease around the threads of the pedals to help it thread properly. You can buy both of these things from Amazon for a few bucks. 

If you aren’t particularly handy, installing new pedals on your bike might sound intimidating. Let me assure you that it isn’t. I am by no means handy and even I was able to remove my old pedals and install the new pedals in a short amount of time. 

I highly recommend checking out this video from Redshift that walks you through exactly how to remove your old pedals and install the new ones. If you follow the directions in the video, you shouldn’t have any problems.

The Arclight Pedals Light Modules

The defining characteristic of the Arclight Pedals is the removable LED light modules. These lights slide into the pedals and are held in place by magnets. When the light modules are on, the pedals will light up, providing you with an additional source of lighting while you’re pedaling. It’s an ingenious way to add additional lights to your bike and make yourself more visible while you’re on the road.

What’s particularly amazing is how the lights will change colors depending on which way the pedals are facing. At all times, you’ll have two sets of lights facing forward and two sets facing backward. The rear-facing lights will be red and the front-facing lights will be white. When the pedals flip around, the lights can sense the directional change and will switch colors instantly. It’s a neat bit of technology.  

Each light module has a button on it that allows you to turn the lights on or off (you long press to turn the lights on or off). If you single press the button, you’ll switch between different light modes. There are three modes you can choose from – Eco-Flash, Flash, and Steady. In Steady mode, the lights will stay on continuously, while Flash and Eco-Flash will have the lights blink intermittently. 

In addition to the different light modes, the lights will automatically go into standby mode if there is no movement for 30 seconds. That means the lights will turn off while you’re parked and turn back on when you start pedaling again. If there’s no movement for 24 hours, the lights will turn off completely (this is helpful if, like me, you forget to turn the lights off manually when you’re done riding).

Redshift states that the light modules should last 3 hours on Steady mode before needing to be recharged, while they can last 11 hours on Flash mode and up to 36 hours on Eco-Flash mode. In my experience, these numbers sound accurate, although I did notice some loss of charge when riding in colder temperatures. This is to be expected with anything running on batteries, however. I generally ride with the lights in Steady mode, but I may switch to riding in Eco-Flash mode so I don’t have to recharge the light modules as often. 

Finally, recharging the light modules is easy. The pedals come with a charging dock that allows you to charge up to four light modules at the same time. To charge the light modules, you slide the lights out of the pedals, then plug them into the charging dock, which is in turn powered by a USB cable. This is a small dock that you can easily keep on your desk or somewhere out of the way.

Why You Should Get The Redshift Arclight Pedals

The obvious reason to consider these pedals is for the additional lights and visibility they provide. When riding at night, you want to do everything you can to make yourself visible to drivers and while you likely have front and rear lights, having an additional set of lights around your pedals can increase your visibility. Redshift points to a Clemson University study that found that lights associated with the natural movement of the human body can increase your visibility by up to 57%. I have no idea whether that’s true or not, but I do feel like I’m more noticeable with my Arclight Pedals since the lights are moving while I’m pedaling. 

redshift arclight pedals review
My Arclight Pedals lit up on my Urban Arrow Cargo Bike.

Beyond the additional lights for your bike, the pedals are also high quality and comfortable. Depending on the type of pedals you have now, you may find the high-quality materials make for a more comfortable ride. I admittedly didn’t have any issues with the stock pedals that came with my bike, so I can’t say that these pedals are necessarily better from a material or comfort standpoint, but they definitely aren’t a downgrade by any means.

Finally, you might want to get the Arclight Pedals because they are just downright cool. I love having lots of lighting on my bike because I think they make me look cooler at night, so being able to add additional lights via these pedals is a plus.

Ultimately, the main reason you’d want to get the Arclight Pedals is for the additional safety and visibility it creates. I ride with my son on our daily commute to and from daycare and it gives me additional comfort knowing that I’m more visible, especially during the winter when it starts to get dark during our commute home in the afternoon. The fact the lights look cool and the pedals are comfortable is a nice bonus.

Potential Downsides Of The Arclight Pedals 

In the interest of completeness, I think it’s also worth looking at the potential downsides of the Arclight Pedals. I see two things you’ll want to consider if you’re thinking about getting these pedals.

First, there’s no ignoring it – the price is a factor you have to think about. The Arclight Pedals retail for $139.99 at the time I’m writing this, which means these pedals aren’t cheap. Low-quality plastic pedals are going to be a fraction of that cost and even high-quality pedals can be less than the cost of the Arclight Pedals. Plus, your bike already comes with pedals that you might be perfectly happy with, so it can be difficult to justify investing in a new set of pedals that you don’t necessarily need. If you’re someone who has multiple bikes (like I do), it’s pretty much cost-prohibitive to outfit every bike with these pedals.

The second downside is that getting the Arclight Pedals means you’ll be adding another thing in your life that you have to charge. It isn’t difficult to recharge the LED light modules – they simply pop out of the pedals and can be recharged in the included dock. Still, you’re not always going to remember to recharge the pedals and if the battery in the lights is low, you may end up with lights that don’t work on your next ride, negating the entire point of the pedals. I don’t think it’s a big deal to have to recharge the pedals, but it does add some more complication to your life and might be something to think about.

The price consideration is the main thing that’s going to hold most people back from getting these pedals. With a lot of bike accessories, I like to think about how long it can last me. Even an expensive purchase for your bike can make sense if it’s something that has utility and that you’ll be able to use for a long time. For many people, I think buying a set of expensive pedals can be a worthwhile investment, especially if you find that the added lights and visibility can be worthwhile for you. But whether it makes sense for you will be based on your situation.

Final Thoughts  

I like the Arclight Pedals. I think they are the coolest pedals I’ve seen and I like how well they upgrade my bike. From a practical standpoint, they make a lot of sense, especially if you ride at night and, like me, carry children on your bike too. You can never be too careful when it comes to safety and more lights on your bike will always be better than fewer lights. 

If you’re interested in snagging the Arclight Pedals, feel free to check them out at the Redshift Sports website. You can also purchase the Arclight Pedals on Amazon. Hope you found the review helpful!


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