The Ravens’ 2022 season has been marked by plenty of memorable returns, whether it was players coming back from injury or the team getting back to the postseason. The latest came Sunday night.

In the second quarter of a Week 17 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers, more than four months after he suffered a “serious injury to his drumstick,” Ravens mascot Poe returned to the sidelines.

The dramatic return was marked by a nod to pro wrestling. Poe came out of the tunnel in a wheelchair before revealing a fake cast under his blanket and jumping up in celebration, a reference to an old move used by WWE Hall of Famer Kevin Nash.

It marked a dramatic return for Poe, who was carted off the field at halftime of the Ravens’ third preseason game against the Washington Commanders on Aug. 27 after suffering an apparent knee injury. Poe was one of several mascots to compete in an exhibition game against an Amateur Athletic Union team from Baltimore, with the Oriole Bird also making an appearance and catching a touchdown pass. Poe, who played quarterback, was injured while scrambling to his right before being sacked from behind.

At a faux news conference announcing Poe’s injury, coach John Harbaugh said the Ravens were “going to turn over every stone, scour everywhere and find his replacement,” including open tryouts. It turned out they had a solution in-house.

On Sept. 16, the team announced it was bringing back Edgar and Allan for the season, ending 14 years of retirement for two of the club’s original mascots. Edgar, Allan and Poe were “hatched” on the field in 1998 to honor the famous writer, whose poem “The Raven” was the inspiration for the team’s name. But Edgar and Allan were retired after the 2008 season, leaving Poe as the lone mascot.



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