Prabhudas Lilladher’s Investment Advisory division is now present on smallcase.com, a leading technology platform allowing clients of most Indian brokerage firms to invest in PL Quantifi’s advice.  Combining cutting edge quant research from PL with the technical solidity of smallcase.com, you can now invest in PL Advice irrespective of which broker you hold your brokerage account with!

What is Smallcase

smallcase Technologies offers a technology platform where orders for varying quantities of multiple stocks in its investment instruments can be placed at one click via one’s trading account. The company calls its products smallcases, which are essentially baskets of stocks or exchange-traded funds (ETFs) picked thematically.  These investments may be as small as Rs 10,000 depending on which advisor’s portfolio you select.

The investor pays a small fee to the advisor for subscribing to the product, and then logs in with the broker credentials to complete the investment. From time to time, the advisor sends out alerts to the subscriber asking for rebalancing (meaning entering and exiting stocks or ETFs via a single click) portfolios as and when required. In addition to the fee, the client pays the brokerage on the underlying brokerage account.

A small price to pay to select some of the best advisors and still cheaper than a mutual fund where neither one has control over the portfolios plus the typical expense ratios are much higher and in the range of 1.5%-2% on the portfolios.

PL’S Investment Advisory, now available across brokers!

Prabhudas Lilladher Group with its almost 80 Year + expertise in Advisory and Industry leading DNA in research, presents a wide range of digitally enabled advisory portfolios for the tech savvy investor.

PL’s Investment Advisory division , Quantifi, has launched a range of investment products at smallcase.com (https://plindia.smallcase.com/)  to suit different risk return objectives including Long term equity investing, Active Equity trading and quant based Multi asset Investing.

Chose the portfolios strategy that best matches your investment objectives, risk appetite, and time horizon at the click of a button!.

Available Portfolios at Smallcase.com

Growth & Quality 25 (GQ25) portfolio strategy is a two factor 100% driven quant strategy which aims to create alpha by buying stocks with proven quality and established long-term earnings growth track-record. The strategy uses ~50 long-term and short-term fundamental metrics to create a high quality, high growth focussed 25 stock portfolio from Nifty 200 universe.

Momentum Alpha Portfolio Strategy (MAPS) is a Quant powered discretionary portfolio strategy which aims to generate better risk adjusted returns than the benchmark Nifty 100 index by using quantitative factors. The strategy is powered by Quantitative factors like Relative Momentum (short term and medium term), Quality, Growth (forecasted). We also use Value as a factor but use it with an adjustment of growth and take subjective calls on the same.

TaQT (Tactical Quality Trading) Portfolio approaches portfolio construction from a lens of tactical investing. The strategy seeks to keep the portfolio in sync with flavour of the market. TaQT is a short-term focused and highly active product. Portfolio will have around 20-30 stocks selected by a blend of Fundamentals, Technicals and Quant analysis in order to make portfolio decisions.

In Tata We Trust : Famously known as India’s Steel-to-Salt conglomerate, the Tata Group of companies has almost 25 to 30 listed companies. However, the dilemma is in selecting stocks out of this space and ride the rise of the conglomerate. This is exactly where the portfolio fits and helps the investors. With improving operational metrics, Tata Group could be a good long term investment to play the value unlocking and value creation theme.

Wealth for Women:  A portfolio that attempts to build long term wealth for women without the risks of individual asset class erosion! With womens constraints and needs kept in mind , this is arguably India’s first portfolio for the woman in your life!

India Millennial Portfolios : Millennials have a High-risk appetite and thus tend to invest in Equities. But even Equity or Gold, has periods of underperformance, as long as 2 to 3 years! Not all have the time or resources to face such periods. It is here that India Millennial Portfolio fits in. Using the power of tech, a suite of our Quant models will give you allocation advice keeping in mind a  matrix of proprietary meters to minimise risk and maximise returns!

View portfolio components and actual performance history at https://plindia.smallcase.com/

How do you Invest

Its simple!

Step : Visit (https://plindia.smallcase.com/  and choose a suitable portfolio that matches your investment objective

02: Subscribe to the portfolio & get access to the constituent stocks & weights.

03: Invest in the portfolio & apply regular portfolio updates. Set up SIP for disciplined investing.

Read more at https://plindia.smallcase.com/help

Learn more on how to invest at https://youtu.be/nvfDl_4-uTE

For any queries, write in to us at quantifi@plindia.com

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Irrespective of which mainstream broker you have your account with, the leading edge research from PL helps you invest profitably!  Brokers who will allow you to invest in these smallcases include Zerodha, Groww, Upstox, Angel, 5 Paisa, Edelweiss Securities, Kotak Securities, ICICI Sec, HDFC Sec, IIFL Sec, Axis Direct, Alice Blue, Trustline and many more – basically all those who have an integration with smallcase.com. Note that current PL Clients cannot invest with their PL Trading Account at smallcase.com as regulations do not allow Advisory and Brokerage service at the same entity.

If you are looking at investment research ideas or algorithmic trading ideas from your PL Trading account, do check out our services at https://www.plindia.com/strategyshop/

If you do not have a PL Trading Cum Demat account, do visit us at https://instakyc.plindia.com/  to start your investment journey!


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