DEAR ABBY: My husband is the oldest of five, with four younger adult sisters. Many people ask if he’s the “favorite” since he’s the firstborn and the only male, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. My mother-in-law favors her daughters to the point of almost ignoring my husband.

When it comes to grandchildren, she’s obsessed with her daughters’ children and pretty much ignores our children’s existence. She visits the others 10 times for every one visit to ours.

When my husband has spoken to her about it, she says she just “doesn’t see it.” Our children have been hurt by her more times than I can count.

How can we make her see the pain she continually causes our family?


DEAR OUT: Because your children have been hurt by their grandmother’s lack of caring “more times than you can count,” recognize that the time has come to quit subjecting them to it.


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