DEAR MISS MANNERS: I have an unusual houseguest situation.

My in-laws visit frequently to see their grandkids, so much so that we call the guest bedroom Grandma and Papa’s room. This, I do not have a problem with; I have a good relationship with my in-laws, and the break I get from the kids is welcome.

Their last visit was a little unusual because my sister was also coming for one night, just to sleep on the couch as she traveled to another state. She was not taking anyone’s bed; she arrived after the kids had already gone to sleep and would be leaving before many people even woke up. No one’s time or space was being hijacked.

My in-laws have never met my sister, beyond her being my maid of honor at the wedding 10 years ago. When she arrived, I grabbed glasses of wine for everyone and we all sat outside on the back patio.

My in-laws said their hellos, and soon my husband excused himself to finish the dishes. My father-in-law also promptly got up, followed him inside and got on his laptop, never to come back out. My mother-in-law, upon finishing her glass of wine, then also went inside and never came back out.


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