DEAR ABBY: I’m 55 and own my home. “Randall,” 53, lives with me and pays me rent. We used to be a couple, but COVID caused too much togetherness. He’s in the spare bedroom now.

My house is cheaper for him than anywhere else he could go. I was trying to be nice.

The problem is, he talks down to me. I want to have the interior of the house professionally painted, and he insists we should paint it ourselves: “It’ll be fun!” We were testing paint samples on the wall and disagreed over which shade of white to choose. He tells me I should “defer to him” and ends up swearing, and when I ask him to stop, he says I’m overreacting.

This is why we are not a couple.

I arranged to have the house painted, and he’s continuing to chastise me for it. It’s my house!


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