Dear Amy: My ex-fiancee, “Alyse,” dumped me because I have women friends.

There was nothing other than friendship. My interactions with them never affected my time with Alyse, and I was always transparent. Even so, she made an ultimatum that I drop my women friends, which I refused, and after a while, she ended the relationship.

Part of the problem is Alyse had been seeing a therapist who told her that I “have women friends to feed my ego,” that I “prey on insecure women,” and that I had “an asexual love relationship” with one friend. Her therapist also discouraged Alyse from going to couples counseling with me when I proposed it.

Other than that issue, our relationship had been amazing.

We don’t talk now, which is partly my fault, because I, regrettably, blew up when she ended things.

However, I miss her like crazy and wonder if I should have given in to her demands, and if there’s any way to reconnect.


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