DEAR ABBY: Our family is worried about my brother. Ever since he met and married his wife, he has changed.

There was a “surprise” baby. Access to the baby is limited — even my parents, who visit only once a year, must schedule an appointment at least two days in advance. My brother now rarely leaves the house.

He has begun questioning my parents about their will. He is asking to be bought out of the family business, which he had previously stated numerous times that he absolutely loved being a part of.

Abby, I know you typically say to stand aside and offer support if asked, but some of his decisions, like wanting to leave the family business, will have serious negative impacts on the whole family. Is there anything we can do?


DEAR BIG BROTHER: Your brother’s wife appears to be very controlling. Is he all right? I ask because you wrote that he has always loved the family business.


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