DEAR HARRIETTE: I’ve been dating this guy for a while, and I can’t shake the feeling that he might be gay.

There is something about his mannerisms and demeanor that stick out to me in a different way than the other heterosexual men I’ve dated in the past. He’s kind, considerate and very thoughtful, but there is definitely something off about our relationship.

He has many feminine qualities. His attitude toward other women has always stuck out to me. Even when he is speaking about women he doesn’t know that well, he has this generally irritated tone. However, when speaking about men, he often speaks very highly of them.

I know I can’t jump to conclusions about things like this, but the suspicion never fades. Is this something I should ask him about?

Need To Know

DEAR NEED TO KNOW: First, you need to come to terms with what you want and will accept in a relationship.


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