'RHOSLC' Meredith Marks on What's More Troubling Than Lisa's Hot Mic & Why They Can't Move On, Plus Shares Update on Marriage to Seth

Meredith Marks opened up about her strained relationship with Lisa Barlow and her marriage to Seth Marks while appearing on a podcast last week.

As she and Lisa remain estranged following their season two drama, the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City cast member revealed she’s upset about more than Lisa’s hot mic moment before offering an update on her marriage to Seth, saying that it took a lot of “work and therapy” for the two of them to get to a good place.

“It’s difficult because you can look at her tantrum. That was one moment and it doesn’t necessarily define a relationship,” Meredith began in a clip of the November 16 episode of the Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister podcast shared on Instagram.

According to Meredith, she believes everyone is “human” and makes “mistakes.”

“To me, that in and of itself is not really that big of a deal… It’s like, ‘Okay fine, it is what it is,’” she explained.

That said, when it comes to her relationship with Lisa, the reason they can’t move forward with a friendship is about way more than Lisa’s hot mic moment.

“I’m more troubled by all of the stuff that I gave the benefit of the doubt to Lisa prior to that moment and again after that moment,” Meredith revealed. “And that’s what’s creating more of the difficulty for me.”

Also during the podcast appearance, Meredith described her current status with Seth as “phenomenal,” saying they were able to move forward from their marital hardships with the help of a couple’s therapist.

“It was a lot of hard work and nothing comes easy,” Meredith stated. “The love was always there but we weren’t connecting and communicating. Once that spiral starts it gets worse and worse, so it took a lot of work and therapy. We haven’t seen our couple’s therapist in over a year now. We are so good now. We obviously have our arguments but we’ve been able to resolve them on our own. It’s huge progress for us.”

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season three airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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