Chef Marcos Spaziani Announces He’s Leaving Below Deck Sailing Yacht as Captain Glenn Teases Upcoming Reunion

Strong winds weren’t the only problem on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season three. Two castmates walked the plank (aka returned to land), leaving the boat short-staffed. The first to go was Tom Pearson, who was fired over an anchor dragging incidentGabriela Barragan was next, calling it quits after she burned a few bridges in the cast.

Two of the more steady co-stars were Chef Marcos Spaziani and Captain Glenn Shephard. Throughout the drama and chaos, they somehow managed to keep their cool (mostly).

In a recent tweet, Marcos revealed some shocking news to fans.

“I want to thank everyone for the big support and great comments. I never thought in my life I would bring so much inspiration to so many ppl and for that I’m very grateful and also blessed! But I can’t go back to the next season,” he shared.

According to Decider, the chef is busy running his L.A. restaurant, ML Eats.

Though Marcos will be missed, there are still several episodes left in the season, including the anticipated reunion.

Speaking with The Daily Dish, Captain Glenn teased the reunion special. “[This season] we had some issues. We lost a couple crew members. We had one kind of event that was, you know, not ideal,” said the star, alluding to the anchor drag.

He added, “I’ve been 22 years in superyachts, never had that particular thing where we had the storm, and the person who’s meant to be watching the anchor watch didn’t do their job correctly, and we ended up stopping in shallow water, which is very serious. So, I don’t know. We’ll probably address stuff like that.”

In all likelihood, third stew Ashley Marti will also be in the hot seat. Many fans are curious about her on-screen rivalry with Gabriela — and her romantic entanglements with Tom and Gary King.

How will she handle the firing squad?


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