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Solutions are needed
for Bay Area floods

I am writing to express my concern about the recent floods that have affected the Bay Area. The damage caused by these floods is devastating and highlights the urgent need for action to address the issue of climate change. The government must invest in flood prevention and mitigation infrastructure, such as building levees and creating green spaces to absorb excess water.

Additionally, it is essential for the government to support and encourage community-based efforts to prepare for floods, such as creating emergency plans and training programs for residents. Furthermore, the government should also provide aid to those affected by the floods, including financial assistance for rebuilding homes and businesses.

Ignoring this issue will only lead to more severe and frequent floods in the future. It’s time for the government to take action and invest in solutions to protect our communities from the impacts of climate change.

Mikayla Cooley

Expand Marine Protected
Areas for ocean health

California’s oceans are severely under threat from practices we have known for a while are dangerous, like offshore oil drilling and overfishing. From the sea otters in kelp forests to the whales far into the Pacific Ocean, the species that make our coastline special are suffering. It is time to stand up for our oceans and stop dangerous activities so our ecosystems can bounce back, and ensure that the oceans we grew up with will remain for generations to come.

Marine Protected Areas have helped habitats thrive away from harmful human activities in California. It only makes sense to continue what is working, and increase California’s Marine Protected Areas to 30% in order to protect the oceans we all love. California, with its iconic coast, can be a leader on ocean conservation and set the standard for the country and the world to follow.

Clara Castronovo

Third-place finisher
deserves council spot

The League of Women Voters believes that voters, the only true voice of the people, decide who should represent them. In the recent election, voters made it clear that Zhanna Thompson was their third-place choice of six candidates to fill two seats on the Pleasant Hill City Council.

Now that Ken Carlson has been elected to the county Board of Supervisors, it is necessary to fill his vacant seat.

As a precedent, in 2011, the City Council filled a vacant position with the candidate who had the next highest number of votes, making this an established practice in Pleasant Hill.

The League of Women Voters of Diablo Valley believes that the Pleasant Hill City Council should follow its traditional process, carry out the will of the voters, and appoint Zhanna Thompson at the next City Council meeting.

Anne Granlund
League of Women Voters Diablo Valley

Tax inequality hurts
community colleges

Re. “State must reverse community college enrollment decline,” Page A6, Jan. 11:

As a student in California, I am well aware that our public universities and community colleges are suffering from a significant lack of funding.

California community colleges are our state’s most important resource, and provide countless students with the ability to access higher education, close achievement gaps and secure a better future for their families. However, because of Proposition 13 our community colleges lack millions of dollars in funding that could be used to reach, retain and educate the future of our state.

While companies like Chevron pocket heavy tax breaks our community colleges, especially those in already under-resourced districts, are left behind. If this trend continues, our state’s excellent community college system is in danger of losing more and more students.

Reva Kale

Republicans try to mask
planned program cuts

You don’t save money by not paying your bills. That would be like thinking you can save money by not paying your mortgage. If the United States fails to honor its debt obligations no money will be saved. In fact, it will increase costs by increasing the interest rate the United States pays on debt, just like for anyone of us who doesn’t pay our bills on time.

Conflating bill payment with budget cuts is a Republican attempt to impose draconian cuts in Social Security and Medicare without taking responsibility for it.

With the House majority, Republicans have the ability to pass a budget (in the House) which specifically identifies the services and programs they want to cut. They would then have an opportunity to make their case to the American people. However, instead of being upfront, they’re relying on a parliamentary maneuver to mask their intentions.

Barry Gardin


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