Kathy Griffin Reignites Andy Cohen Feud After Replacing Her as CNN’s NYE Co-Host as Andy Takes Mystery Shots Amid Alcohol Ban and Lisa Rinna Weighs in

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Despite CNN’s reported New Year’s Eve alcohol ban, co-hosts Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper managed to have a good time. At one point in the evening, they drank non-alcoholic “mystery beverages,” before Andy yelled he “needs tequila.” The mystery shots were pickle juice, buttermilk and apple cider vinegar.

The reported ban was perhaps a result of last year’s coverage, when an allegedly over-served Andy slammed Mayor Bill de Blasio, and shaded Ryan Seacrest‘s competing broadcast, insinuating the performers were ‘losers.’ Recently, Ryan seemed to clap back at the Watch What Happens Live host, saying he does not endorse on-air drinking.

Meanwhile, CNN‘s former NYE co-host – Kathy Griffin – posted a past interview with Andy speaking to TMZ, and shading Kathy after he replaced her on the network.

In the past clip, after being asked about Kathy, Andy acts confused, asking, “Who? … I don’t know her.”

“Ugh. Every year someone sends me this clip around New Year’s Eve,” wrote Kathy in the caption on Instagram. “This guy was my boss for years. Decided whether or not I worked at Bravo.”

She went on to say, “Can you imagine seeing your ex boss on TMZ like…this? Ouch! Anyway, I can’t wait to watch Miley and Dolly tonight.” The comedian included the hashtag, “misogynist.”

After the recent CNN coverage (sans alcohol, via Page Six), Real Housewives of Beverly Hills castmate Lisa Rinna seemed to approve a post alleging CNN “ruined” New Year’s Eve.

“I always tune in 15 minutes before midnight to see drunk Anderson and messy Andy,” wrote user @tify330, shared by @commentsbybravo on Instagram. “Now there is no drunk Don Lemon and Brooke either. Screw you!”

Lisa then commented, “Messy equals ratings. Period.”

Her comment came after a controversial season, as the star was accused of stirring up drama with Kathy Hilton. After alleging Kathy threatened her sister Kyle Richards, Lisa seemed to make it her central storyline.


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