DEAR ABBY: My brother and his husband are getting ready to file for divorce. Before they do, however, they are embarking on a very expensive trip to Italy. It was paid for before the divorce conversations started.

When they travel, I fly into the town where we both grew up, watch their home and dogs and spend time with old friends. I like to come into town a few days early, in case there are any delays with my flight, so none of us has to worry about the dogs being alone.

I arrived last night. My brother left for the weekend to spend time with his new gent, and my brother-in-law has invited his new gent over for dinner tonight.

My concept of etiquette demands that I be friendly and welcoming of these new people in my brother’s and brother-in-law’s life. However, it is awkward.

Yes, I know divorce happens. But my brother-in-law is just as much a part of my family in my eyes as my brother.


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