DEAR MISS MANNERS: Some months ago, we invited my colleague X to our wedding. I have never been very close with X, but several others at my job are, so X got an invite. That was our first mistake.

Since that time, X had an altercation on the job that resulted in termination. Being very vocal and dramatic, X is now taking legal action. No one at work, least of all myself, supported X’s position.

Now, several guests have expressed discomfort at attending my wedding if X will be present, and they are considering backing out.

It seems I have three options to avoid drama — at least at the wedding. 1. Uninvite X, though I see no way that etiquette provides for this; 2. Send X a polite missive allowing a graceful exit, with perhaps a veiled warning about topics to be avoided should X still decide to attend; and 3. Place X at a table distant from anyone from the workplace and hope for the best. Thoughts?

GENTLE READER: Option 3. And Miss Manners suggests the children’s table, where X’s drama and potential altercations will be met in kind.


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