Q: In two years, Tyler Herro will be the Heat’s de facto point guard. He’ll actually be a combo guard because of his shooting gifts, but he has a great handle and the vision and creativity needed for the position. Presently he’s a bit turnover prone, but he’ll clean that up with experience. An older Kyle Lowry, coming off the bench in limited minutes, will be an excellent backup. – Ray, Deerfield Beach.

A: Part I could prove correct. As for Part I, I’m not sure that Kyle Lowry, at his price point and advanced age, would set up as a backup point guard after his Heat contract expires after next season. And if he does return next season, there is no way he is going to take a step back to the second unit. As for Herro at point guard, you run the risk of thereby marginalizing his primary strength as an elite scorer. Plus, Herro has yet to be pestered 94 feet during his stints at point guard. Making him do that for extended stretches could leave him gassed for closing time. And if Tyler is cast as a full-time point guard, you can figure on plenty of such pressure.

Q: How high do you see the Heat rising in the East? — Elliot.

A: Right now, it is difficult to make a case for the Heat reaching the level and consistency of Boston or Milwaukee, even though they did show in their second game in Boston that they can compete with the Celtics (albeit with Robert Williams out for that game). The goal likely would be a top-four seed, and that would mean having to beat out two of Cleveland, Brooklyn and Philadelphia. Doable? Certainly. But it also will mean having to play catchup from the season’s uneven start.

Q: Why are the Heat burying Jamal Cain? – Steven.

A: Actually, it is quite the opposite. Instead of burying Jamal Cain on the end of the bench with the regular roster, one that largely has returned to health, he currently is being featured at the G League Showcase in Las Vegas, which arguably is the league’s biggest scouting moment of the season. Those games are as competitive as any during the G League schedule. At least at the moment, Jamal is in a good place.



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