Q: You and many others repeat the mantra that most of the Heat’s roster remains from last season when discussing the Heat this season. While technically that is correct, the two players they dropped were power forwards, and they now have exactly zero power forwards on this team. (No disrespect to the two-guard currently playing the role of power forward.) The Heat simply miscalculated. It appears you really do need a power forward to compete in the NBA. – Andrew, Coral Gables.

A: No, you need scoring. That’s what the Heat lack. The defense is within the NBA’s Top 10. So they have been covering the position defensively. And Caleb Martin is more of a scorer than P.J. Tucker. The failure of this roster is offense. And that’s where missing Jimmy Butler half the time, and with Kyle Lowry not necessarily looking at the rim, has been problematic. It’s not about power forward. It’s not about rebounding. It’s. About. Scoring.

Q: Is it safe to say this team is way too reliant on threes? – Lupo.

A: I’ll answer your question with two of my own: Isn’t every team these days? And do the Heat have many other choices? As it is, they are playing with a pair of starters whose games are largely limited to 3-pointers, in Kyle Lowry and Caleb Martin. Plus, Tyler Herro has increasingly shown a proclivity for pull-up 3-pointers. Outside of Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, it’s sort of who they are.

Q: In all honesty, how could a team have this many players sitting out game after game? It feels like the Heat are only trying to make the playoffs as long as it’s anywhere, even the play-in. Roland, Vancouver.

A: There does seem to be a sense that merely making the playoffs would be the needed takeoff point. And that is a dangerous approach.



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