DEAR MISS MANNERS: My husband and I are at the age where we are going to more funerals than weddings. The last one we attended, I wore a knee-length black skirt, a black-and-white blouse and some kitten-heeled red shoes for a pop of color. My husband wore nice leather shoes, khakis and a tucked-in blue button-down shirt.

We were some of the nicest-dressed people in attendance. Many people were in capris, tennis shoes, jeans, flowered sandals, even a halter mini-dress.

My husband chastised me for the red shoes.

Once and for all, what is proper funeral attire, since what we are doing is celebrating the life of the deceased?

GENTLE READER: It is endlessly confusing to Miss Manners that at what is the most formal and solemn of occasions, people consider it too fussy to dress up and too depressing to wear black. The only place it is still done is on screen — where elaborately chic hats, veils and suits are almost as ubiquitous at funerals as the too-on-the-nose pouring rain.


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