DEAR HARRIETTE: I just learned that the man I have been pining over for years is a lowdown dirty dog.

I guess I knew it already, but I always dreamed that he would become honest and true with me whenever he realized I was his real woman. I know that sounds crazy, but I mean it.

Anyhow, I just talked to a woman he was recently in a relationship with, and what she told me turned my stomach. This dude was so rude to her that it was crazy. Instead of acting like a grown man, he behaved worse than a teenager when faced with a conflict in his relationship.

This isn’t the first time that I have heard of his silly behavior. I have always overlooked it because I have had feelings for him forever.

I can’t help but see what this woman just told me. I want to confront him to ask why he would do such a thing, but it isn’t my business. He did introduce me to her. He always introduces me to his women.


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