DEAR ABBY: I am friendly with a woman who is wonderful and caring. She calls to ask how I’m doing, drops off coffee to say hi, etc. She has a great heart and soul. Our boys are close in age.

That’s the problem: I do not like her children.

Her kids are difficult and they run roughshod over her. She knows discipline is a problem, but she’s at a loss. My children don’t enjoy playing with them, either. Her kids are careless and don’t listen to authority.

I want to continue our friendship, but I like her better without the children in tow. Should I speak up or fade away?


DEAR FRIEND: Your friend’s children can’t be blamed for things they were never taught. Tell your friend that when her kids visit your home, you will be establishing some “house rules.” If you do, you may be doing that entire family a favor.


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