Let’s take a closer look at this much-lauded innovation.

Take it from me. I struggle with a wonderful cocktail of baseline depression, a ton of insomnia, and a tiny sprinkle of anxiety that *only* manifests itself while I’m trying to sleep (likely causing the insomnia). I’ve had countless–and I mean countless–nights of staying awake, tossing and turning, never being on my phone, meditating, drinking tea, spraying a lavender pillow spray, doing all the big and small things I could be doing to lull myself into slumber.

I’m pretty anti-pharmaceuticals. I don’t want to take addictive sleeping aids (I’m loath to have myself addicted to anything, even if it’s for my “benefit”, because I hate to imagine what would happen if I find myself without said substance) and I had kind of resigned myself into believing that this was just going to be my lot in life: Never getting a full night’s sleep.

However, over the years, I’ve been trying to educate myself more on mental illnesses–both those that affect my life and my friends’ lives and those that do not–in order to lessen my own hidden prejudices and biases against those who have them. A cool concept I came across regarding anxiety was grounding. When someone is having an anxiety or panic attack, they can mentally bring themselves back into the present by involving themselves in a comforting routine or asking themselves a list of seemingly mundane but important questions, or someone they trust can physically ground them and quell their anxiety by lying on top of them. It sounds strange at first, but when you think about the concept, it makes a lot of sense. I already find a ton of comfort from my cats and dogs unwittingly grounding me by getting all up in my space and using my body as their personal bed, so of course a close friend or loved one holding me when I’m panicking would be a great idea.

That’s when the concept of Gravity clicked for me. Gravity blankets come in three different weights, and your blanket should encompass about 10% of your body weight. It essentially grounds you while you sleep for a more rested and alert morning. They even have weighted eye shades as well, which I was stoked about, as I use eye shades *and* ear plugs while I (attempt to) sleep. We pull out ALL the stops for me to sleep over here in the Grey household.

And trust me…this did the trick. If I do fall asleep, I usually wake up every hour. No kidding. I never got REM sleep…at least, until now. I think I’ve been waking up only once or twice in my sleep (hey, this is an honest review, and my issues with sleep ran deep before this), and I feel better than I ever have in the mornings. Good sleep does wonders for your mental health, skin, mood, and productivity…I had no idea what I was missing out on!

My personal favorite from the Gravity collection is the Cooling Duvet. It’s perfect for hotter months and can be layered for when it gets chilly. I will say that I tried the 15 lb and immediately exchanged it for the 25 lb. Maybe it’s because I’m used to be “grounded” by heavier things already, but I wanted a bigger weight. So keep that in mind when you order!

Also, my cat has been OBSESSED with this blanket and has not gotten off of it since I opened the package. It’s cat-approved–what are you waiting for?!



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