DEAR MISS MANNERS: I am a 45-year-old professional woman who is employed in higher education. I am also a married mother with three adult children.

Like many people, I have a social media account with bland commentary on current events. I also have a relatively large anonymous account, which has tens of thousands of followers. I love this account, and I enjoy the chance to use sarcasm and wit.

Twice, my sister has asked if I was behind this particular account in what I would consider a joking manner. I denied it both times. A dear friend asked me if I had seen the account and mentioned that reading it feels like talking to me, but funnier. She asked, “It’s not you, is it?” then laughed. I denied it.

My husband doesn’t know anything about it, and my kids may or may not be mortified if they found out.

There is nothing on the account that would ruin my life; there have been no online affairs or flirting. However, I would like to keep this to myself. It could also somewhat diminish the professional persona I have cultivated with students.


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