Q: The Heat might want to think about trades soon. – Michael.

A: Or not. When making a move in the present that also likely impacts the future, the first consideration has to be on the immediate bump of such a deal. Considering the Heat currently are in a fight merely to avoid the play-in round, is there truly a move that gets the Heat back into the East elite? Or would such a move, say adding another big man or power forward, merely be a lateral step getting the Heat no closer to Boston or Milwaukee? In 2020, the Jae Crowder and Andre Iguodala moves took the Heat to another level. In 2021, the Trevor Ariza move did not. What Pat Riley and Andy Elisburg have to determine is whether a subtle tweak can produce a significant change. Otherwise, it might be best to sit back, assess the season, and then move forward with any type of dramatic overhaul in the offseason. The Heat, at the moment, do not appear on the cusp of anything when it comes to the standings or the playoff race.

Q: The Heat move with Kyle Lowry was three years too late. Been saying it since we signed Kyle. Great career, but Heat getting the three-years-too-late version of his career. – Douglas.

A: Hard to disagree, at least in the moment, based on the way Kyle has returned these past two games from his knee issue. The Heat need a dynamic contribution, considering the contract signed in the 2021 offseason. So far, for almost all of this season, they have gotten far less. At the moment, this continues to look like a player whose best days are behind him, which, at 36, should not come as a shock.

Q: Looking over Bam Adebayo developing play around the basket and a promising, dependable shot, does he remind you of Kevin Garnett? – Mack St. Petersburg.

A: Um, let’s not do that to Bam Adebayo at this stage. Yes, there is an emerging offensive game, but not quite with the range and consistency displayed by Kevin Garnett over a Hall of Fame-level career. For now, Bam is offering exactly what is needed from a player of his age – a game that continues to evolve and progress each season.



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