Current is a free fintech bank that’s offering new users a $50 referral bonus after signing up for an account using a referral link. Here’s what you need to do to earn your $50 Current referral bonus. 

  1. Open a Current account using a referral link (here’s my Current referral link). 
  2. Receive a direct deposit of $200 or more within 45 days of opening your account. 
  3. Your $50 bonus will post within 10 business days after completing a qualifying direct deposit. 

Current is an easy bonus to earn and also gives you access to three savings accounts that pay you 4% interest on up to $2,000. That means you can put away up to $6,000 earning 4% interest. That’s very good and makes Current an account I recommend to everyone.

In this post, we’ll look at how Current works and walk you through the steps you need to follow to earn your $50 Current referral bonus.

What Is Current? 

Current is a fintech banking app similar to apps like Chime and Varo. It offers two main products – a checking account and a savings account (they call their savings accounts, savings pods).

The Current checking account works like a regular checking account. It comes with no hidden fees and access to a network of free ATMs. The Current debit card also offers cash back at select restaurants and other retailers. 

In addition to the checking account, Current also gives users access to a savings account that offers 4% interest on up to $2,000. This makes Current a valuable option for anyone looking to get the most return on their cash or anyone looking for a good place to store their emergency fund. We’ll talk about the savings account in more detail later in this post. 

In the past, Current came with two plans. There was a free basic plan that gave you access to one savings account. Meanwhile, the premium plan gave you access to three savings accounts but also came with a $5 per month fee. I used the basic plan because it was free.

However, Current recently made some changes. When you sign up now, you can open the premium plan with no monthly fees. This gives you access to the three savings accounts, so when you sign up, you should open the premium plan (assuming it remains free).

Current Referral Bonus – Step By Step Directions

With that background out of the way, let’s look at the exact steps you can follow to earn your $50 Current referral bonus. 

1. Open A Current Account Using A Referral Link. The first thing you’ll need to do is open a Current account using a referral link. Here’s my Current referral link if you are interested in earning your bonus and supporting this blog too. My referral code should automatically be filled in when you open the account, but if not, be sure to use my code: KEVINH891

When you open your Current account, you’ll get the option of choosing between a basic or premium account. As I mentioned in the previous section, the premium plan is now free, so you should pick the premium plan when you open your account. It’s okay if you pick the basic plan however – you can still upgrade to the premium plan later. 

When you sign up, it may say that the premium plan costs $5 per month, but when you actually open the account, it’ll say that it has no annual fees in your app. 

2. Complete A Direct Deposit Of $200 Or More Within 45 Days. Once you open your account, you’ll need to complete a direct deposit of $200 or more within 45 days. The terms state the following:

A Payroll Direct Deposit must be made by an employer or payroll provider by ACH deposit. Transfers from Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, Square, GooglePay, Cash App, or similar peer to peer transfer services, one-time direct deposits (such as tax refunds), mobile check deposits, and cash loads do not qualify as a Payroll Direct Deposit.

The plain language of the terms suggests that you would need to complete a real direct deposit to trigger the bonus. If you can do a real direct deposit, that is your best option to earn the bonus.

That being said, many data points show you can meet this bonus by completing an ACH transfer from a regular bank account. Ally Bank does not work to trigger the bonus, but people have reported that Discover Bank or Schwab will trigger the bonus. You may need to complete multiple transfers to see which one works. 

3. Your Bonus Will Post Within 10 Business Days. The terms state that your bonus will post within 10 business days, but most people see their bonus post in about a week. This is important because it’ll give you time to see if your direct deposit method worked. If you don’t see your bonus in about a week, try again with another bank. Remember, you only have 45 days to complete a qualifying direct deposit, so don’t waste too much time here.  

Current 4% Interest Savings Account Strategy

Beyond the referral bonus, Current is especially useful because it comes with a 4% interest savings account. I’ve written in detail about the savings account in this post: Current Bank App – A 4% Interest Savings Account On Up To $2,000.  

Current calls their savings accounts “savings pods.” It pays 4% interest on your first $2,000. Everything above $2,000 does not earn interest. In other words, if you had $2,001 in your savings pod, you’d earn 4% interest on $2,000 and no interest on the remaining $1. 

If you open sign up for the premium plan (which is now free for everyone), you’ll be able to open up to 3 different savings pods and put $2,000 in each one. That’ll give you $6,000 earning 4% interest. 

The savings pods are kept in an FDIC-insured bank account, so you’re not putting your money at risk by having it in Current. Even if you don’t care about the $50 referral bonus, you should still open a Current account solely for access to the savings accounts. 

Refer Your Friends And Family For More Bonuses 

Current users get access to a referral link they can use to refer their friends and family. You’ll earn $50 for each person you refer to Current that completes the above steps. You’ll find your referral in the top right corner of the app, where it says “Get $50.”

current referral

You’re limited to a maximum of $1,000 worth of referrals per calendar year, which means you should be able to refer 20 people in a year under the current referral terms. I’m not sure if Current counts the $50 signup bonus as part of that limit. If they do, then you’d really be limited to 19 referrals.

Either way, that’s a good deal. My advice is to send your friends and family your referral link. You can refer them to this post if they have questions on how to earn the bonus.

Final Thoughts 

Current has been making a name for itself recently and seems to be making a strong push for new users. The referral bonus is good and worth getting if you can meet the terms. Gaining access to several savings accounts that pay 4% interest is even better.  

Plus, if you combine Current with my other 5% interest savings accounts options you can put away a large sum of cash in savings accounts earning a good rate of return.

To learn more about bank account bonuses, check out my post, The Ultimate Guide to Bank Account Bonuses. And to get more detail about Current and how its 4% interest savings accounts work, check out my post: Current Bank App – A 4% Interest Savings Account On Up To $2,000.