DEAR ABBY: Almost four years ago, I married a friend I had known since 1989. She was a widow, and we unexpectedly fell in love.

The first three years, she spoke constantly about her late husband. I lovingly and quietly told her a few times that I didn’t think she’d like it if I mentioned my late wife and former women friends so often.

It continued. I can’t stand hearing his name anymore. It makes me feel ranked way down in order of importance, after her four kids, her dead husband and herself.

Over the last six months or so, she finally got it and no longer mentions him, but I’m still upset knowing I’m No. 7 on her list.

Will I ever be able to get over this? She found a note months ago in which I described my feelings on this, and in it I mentioned I didn’t want to be married to her anymore. Any advice would be appreciated.



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