Looking to add some spice and flare for this fall? We dive into some great paint trends and how to add them to your home. Our top choice for this fall, Night Fall Benjamin Moore paint color.

The Benjamin Moore website describes night fall as a “somewhat mysterious shade takes its color cue from the stars’ dark, impenetrable backdrop.” Mysterious is a perfect description, and color choice for those who love the macabre, darkness of fall. Here are a few ideas for incorporating this color into your home.

Accent Walls

There are lots of ways to create some depth in your space, and keep a modern and fresh feel. Darker colors can be overwhelming if not done right, so take care and time to plan how you want to add in this fantastic color.

One thing to keep in mind is the natural light in your space. A color like Night Fall Benjamin Moore needs lots of natural light to balance out the darkness. In the first Pin below, the designer did a great job of adding fall colors and natural wood to balance the wall in the space. The white ceilings and trim bring the eye up, so the space still feels large, open, and light while the dark wall anchors the decor and adds some interest.

For a fresh take on a fireplace, adding some dark wood panels above and on the sides is an inexpensive and fun treatment. The home owner here took time to add lighting and lighter colored paintings to coordinate with the white of the fireplace. The brass fixtures really stand out next to the rich tones of the paint. This is one fireplace people are sure to remember for many years to come.

In your bedroom, get creative! We love the design here, adding the color up the walls and into the ceiling. The balance with the white trim and tall wainscoting are perfect, even in this small space. The additional touch of a large mirror to create additional light and enlarge the space really takes this room over the top, and it is an incredibly simple design.

Cabinets in Night Fall Benjamin Moore

This is a great idea to add some unique flare to your kitchen cabinets or even side tables. Using a dark, rich color like Night Fall can really add some interest and uniqueness to your space. Two tone kitchens are a really big trend in 2021, and for great reason. It adds something fun and interesting to the previous trends of all white or gray.

Bring things up to a more modern or bright feel using elaborate hardware such as gold or bronze. A more sleek and classic feel can be achieved by using no hardware and opting for hidden drawer pulls or doors without hardware. Whichever you choose, Night Fall is a fun choice for adding some depth to any room or piece of furniture.

Exterior Color – Wrought Iron Benjamin Moore

A dark exterior door, trim, walls, or even garage door can be stunning. Besides Night Fall, Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore is a clear favorite for the exterior treatment of your home. Here are just a few ways you can add this color to warm up the outside of your home this fall.

Creating a unique front door with Wrought Iron Benjamin Moore paint is a beautiful treatment. In the first two Pins below, Wrought Iron was applied and wow, what a stand out look. The beautiful brick and roof really come together with this color choice. And painting the brick and siding to blend with the door, and the addition of natural wood to create a more nature like feel is a head turning choice.

If you don’t want to go all out with your front door, consider using this color for your garage doors. A dark garage door can really add curb appeal to a house, especially for buyers who are not looking for the cookie cutter home.

Tips For Using Night Fall Benjamin Moore

If you are looking for Night Fall Benjamin Moore paint or Wrought Iron paint, try your local hardware store, or the Benjamin Moore site to find dealers in your area. Applying dark paint colors can be tricky, so go slowly and consult experts in your area. The biggest issue is creating a smooth surface, as any dark colors will bring imperfections to light quickly.

Have fun using dark colors like Wrought Iron and Night Fall. Especially in the fall and winter months, this additional depth can really create a happy, cozy house and feeling to bring your whole family together. For more tips, try our home improvement section!

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