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Slot sites without agents are one of the most popular types of online gambling available today. There are many reasons why people prefer to gamble in this way, but the main attraction is that it offers something for everyone. From the very young to the very old, there is always something new to discover and enjoy about okbet gambling online.

The advantages to look for:

  • One of the biggest benefits of slot sites without agents is that they offer a much wider range of games than traditional casinos. In addition to the classic slots games, there are also video poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat games on offer. This means that even if you are a complete novice at gambling, you will still be able to find a game that suits your style and level of experience.
  • Another major advantage of playing slot sites without agents is that you will never have to leave the comfort of your own home. This means that you can gamble anytime, anywhere. All you need is an internet connection and a credit or debit card, and you can start playing. You will also never have to worry about losing any money, as all transactions are made securely through PayPal.

The bottom line:

Whether you’re a casual gambler or a high roller, there’s nothing quite like the thrill of playing slots. And when it comes to online slots, there’s no shortage of choices. With so many different sites to choose from, it can be tough to know where to start.

However, one thing that all good slot sites have in common is the lack of an agent. That’s because agents can often be a drag on the fun, slowing down the action and taking a cut of your winnings.


So if you are looking for a new and exciting way to gamble, then why not try slot sites without agents? With so many benefits on offer, it is easy to see why they are becoming increasingly popular with casino players all over the world.

Sports betting can be a great way to make extra money, but only if you know what you’re doing. Unfortunately, many people lose money on sports bets because they don’t know how to approach them. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know about dominoqq pkv gambling (judi dominoqq pkv), betting on sports, and winning.

How to Find the Best Odds:

One of the most important things to know about sports betting is how to find the best odds. The best way to do this is to shop around at different sportsbooks. Each book will have slightly different lines, so comparing them before placing your bet is essential. You can also use a line shopping service like Odds Shark to ensure you’re getting the best possible price.

How to Manage Your Bankroll:

Another crucial element of successful sports betting is managing your bankroll correctly. This means only betting an amount you can afford to lose and sticking to a strict budget. It’s also important to remember that you won’t win every bet, so don’t try to chase your losses.

Types of Bets You Can Make on Sports:

There are various types of bets you can make on sports. The most common is the point spread bet when you pick one team to win by a certain number of points. You can also bet on the Moneyline, picking who will win the game outright. There are also prop bets, which are wagers on specific events that may or may not happen during a game.

Parting Note:

Sports betting can be a great way to make extra money if you know what you’re doing. Be sure to shop around for the best odds and manage your bankroll carefully to give yourself the best chance of success. You can make various types of bets, so experiment to see what you’re most comfortable with. With a bit of practice, you can be a successful sports bettor.


Triza Atuka has made a come back into the Malkia Strikers, the national volleyball women team head coach Paul Bitok has named the provisional squad ahead of World Championships.

The experienced middle blocker was named in the provisional squad for the championships set for September 23 to October 15 in Poland and the Netherlands, top players plus a mixture of juniors have been named to represent the country.

Coming from Kenya Pipeline, Atuka returns from a long spell injury for national duties.

Provisional Squad: Outside Hitters: Mercy Moim (KCB), Noel Murambi, Veronica Adhiambo (Pipeline), Pamela Jepkurui, Meldine Sande, Yvonne Wavinya (Kenya Prisons); Middle Blockers: Trizah Atuka, Gladys Ekaru (Pipeline), Edith Wisa (KCB), Lorine Chebet (Prisons); Opposite Attacker: Sharon Chepchumba (KCB),  Emmaculate Chemtai (Prisons), Violet Makuto (Pipeline); Setters: Emmaculate Nekesa, Faith Imodia (KCB), Veronica Kilabat (KDF); Libero: Agrippina Kundu (Pipeline), Veronica Makokha (KDF).

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Kenya Football Coaches Association (Kefoca) has urged Football Federation to involve stakeholders in their deliberations. Kefoca Chairman Ricky Solomon said many issues were not properly handled since Kefoca was not involved.

  He cited appointment of National team’s handlers and sacking of coaches and subsequent poor replacements which has jolted Kenya football standards.

  During a consultative meeting to map the way forward held at the Nairobi City Stadium,  Solomon urged the Federation to involve all stakeholders including coaches, referee, players and even Sports writers.

  He further urged their members to involve Kefoca before making deals with new clubs.

 He said his Association will always be available to intervene and solve disputes involving their members and their clubs.

 “We can only help and intervene when our members involve us showing their terms of contract so that we can negotiate for them when the deal fails to go through” Solomon noted adding that plans are underway to form a disciplinary committee to handle various disputes.

“We want to have one sylabus and one training system, if its 4-2-2, lets maintain it, We also demand Football instructors to be appointed strictly by Kefoca since they are our members and we know them better than the Federation”he observed.

Former Re-Union, Ulinzi Stars and Gor Mahia midfielder Tom Ogweno said it was unfair for FKF to hire a foreign coach who earns huge salary for two months while deserving local coaches are not consideded.

  The meeting marked the merging of both Kefoca and Robert Matano’s Kenfoca body that was lauded by members as the best way forward.

 Former International player Peter “Kaskas”   Kamau lauded the merger saying members will now speak with one voice adding that there is need to put the house in order to attract goodwill and sponsors.

  Other members that included Kefoca Secretary General and top coaching instructor Bob Oyugi, Gilbert Selebwa, Richard Madegwa, treasurer Yaqub Ibrahim, Nicholas Muyoti and Habil Nanjero said the merger of the two bodies will strengthen Kefoca to be a vibrant body with teeth to bite

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BAKHMUT, Ukraine (AP) — Workers pulled scores of bodies from smashed buildings in an “endless caravan of death” inside the devastated city of Mariupol, authorities said Wednesday, while fears of a global food crisis escalated over Ukraine’s inability to export millions of tons of grain through its blockaded ports.

At the same time, Ukrainian and Russian forces battled fiercely for control of Sievierodonestk, a city that has emerged as central to Moscow’s grinding campaign to capture Ukraine’s eastern industrial heartland, known as the Donbas.

As the fighting dragged on, the human cost of the war continued to mount. In many of Mariupol’s buildings, workers are finding 50 to 100 bodies each, according to a mayoral aide in the Russian-held port city in the south.

Petro Andryushchenko said on the Telegram app that the bodies are being taken in an “endless caravan of death” to a morgue, landfills and other places. At least 21,000 Mariupol civilians were killed during the weeks-long Russian siege, Ukrainian authorities have estimated.

The consequences of the war are being felt far beyond Eastern Europe because shipments of Ukrainian grain are bottled up inside the country, driving up the price of food.

Ukraine, long known as the “bread basket of Europe,” is one of the world’s biggest exporters of wheat, corn and sunflower oil, but much of that flow has been halted by the war and a Russian blockade of Ukraine’s Black Sea coast. An estimated 22 million tons of grain remains in Ukraine. The failure to ship it out is endangering the food supply in many developing countries, especially in Africa.

Russia expressed support Wednesday for a U.N. plan to create a safe corridor at sea that would allow Ukraine to resume grain shipments. The plan, among other things, calls for Ukraine to remove mines from the waters near the Black Sea port of Odesa.

But Russia is insisting that it be allowed to check incoming vessels for weapons. And Ukraine has expressed fear that clearing the mines could enable Russia to attack the coast. Ukrainian officials said the Kremlin’s assurances that it wouldn’t do that cannot be trusted.

European Council President Charles Michel on Wednesday accused the Kremlin of “weaponizing food supplies and surrounding their actions with a web of lies, Soviet-style.”

While Russia, which is also a major supplier of grain to the rest of the world, has blamed the looming food crisis on Western sanctions against Moscow, the European Union heatedly denied that and said the blame rests with Russia itself for waging war against Ukraine.

“These are Russian ships and Russian missiles that are blocking the export of crops and grain,” Michel said. “Russian tanks, bombs and mines are preventing Ukraine from planting and harvesting.”

The West has exempted grain and other food from its sanctions against Russia, but the U.S. and the EU have imposed sweeping punitive measures against Russian ships. Moscow argues that those restrictions make it impossible to use its ships to export grain, and also make other shipping companies reluctant to carry its product.

Turkey has sought to play a role in negotiating an end to the war and in brokering the resumption of grain shipments. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu met on Wednesday with his Russian counterpart, Sergey Lavrov. Ukraine was not invited to the talks.

Meanwhile, Moscow’s troops continued their painstaking, inch-by-inch campaign for the Donbas region with heavy fighting in and around Sievierodonetsk, which had a prewar population of 100,000. It is one of the last cities yet to be taken by the Russians in Luhansk, one of the two provinces that make up the Donbas.

Luhansk Gov. Serhiy Haidai acknowledged the difficulties of battling Russian forces, saying, “Maybe we will have to retreat, but right now battles are ongoing in the city.”

“Everything the Russian army has — artillery, mortars, tanks, aviation — all of that, they’re using in Sievierodonetsk in order to wipe the city off the face of the Earth and capture it completely,” he said.

The city of Lysychansk, like Sievierodonetsk, is also wedged between Russian forces in Luhansk province. Valentyna Tsonkan, an elderly resident of Lysychansk, described the moment when her house came under attack.

“I was lying on my bed. The shrapnel hit the wall and went through my shoulder,” she said as she received treatment for her wounds.

Russia’s continuing encroachment could open up the possibility of a negotiated settlement between the two nations more than three months into the war, analysts said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin “has the option of declaring his objectives met at more or less any time in order to consolidate Russia’s territorial gains,” said Keir Giles, a Russia expert at the London think tank Chatham House. At that point, Giles said, Western leaders may “pressure Ukraine to accept their losses in order to bring an end to the fighting.”

Meanwhile, to the north, Russian shelling of the Kharkiv region killed five people and wounded 12 over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian authorities said.

The Russian military said it used high-precision missiles to hit an armor repair plant near Kharkiv. There was no confirmation from Ukraine of such a plant being hit.


Karmanau reported from Lviv, Ukraine. Associated Press journalists Oleksandr Stashevskyi, John Leicester and David Keyton in Kyiv, Ukraine; Andrew Katell in New York; and Sylvia Hui in London contributed to this report.


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RHOM's Lenny Hochstein Moves Out of Star Island Home, Says He Won't Return Until Lisa Leaves and Reacts to Girlfriend Katharine's Sultry Instagram Pic

Credit: Seth Browarnik/startraksphoto, Instagram

Lenny Hochstein has moved out of the Star Island home he and estranged wife Lisa Hochstein once shared.

After filing documents to have the Real Housewives of Miami star removed from the property following his divorce filing, the plastic surgeon is confirming that he is no longer living in his former marital home while also flaunting his new romance with new girlfriend Katharina Mazepa on Instagram.

“I have chosen to move out of the family home. At some point, I do expect to be able to return but not before Lisa has a home that she can be happy in. The children will continue to live in the family home at all times,” Lenny said in a statement to Narcity on June 7.

Earlier this month, in court documents, Lenny accused Lisa of refusing to vacate their $52 million home and stated that their prenup required her to do so within 30 days of his divorce filing.

Lenny also said that he has taken “all steps necessary to comfortably transition the Wife to luxurious accommodation that is comfortable for her and the children,” son Logan, 6, and daughter Elle, 2, and he requested the court “enter an Order that establishes a date certain the Wife will vacate the residence in accordance with the Prenuptial Agreement.”

Amid his legal drama with the RHOM cast member, Lenny took some time out to appear on Instagram, when girlfriend Katharina caught his eye.

“I can be a handful sometimes,” Katharina wrote in the caption of her June 7 photo.

RHOM Lenny Hochstein Reacts to Girlfriend Katharine Mazepa's Sultry Instagram Photo

In the comments section of the post, Lenny responded to Katharina with a series of fire emojis as she offered her own emoji response with a kiss emoji and a pirate flag emoji.

RHOM Lenny Hochstein's Girlfriend Katharina Reacts to Instagram Compliment

Following the reveal of Lenny and Katharina’s relationship, the Austrian model spoke to Page Six, defending herself against claims of being a husband stealer.

“The reality is that both Lenny and I have been separated from our spouses for a while and are both going through divorces. I was informed Lisa was fully aware that he was going out with me,” Katharina explained, noting that she’d never approach a man “who is happily married.”

“We both started seeing each other after we had both separated from our spouses,” she added.

The Real Housewives of Miami season five is currently in production and expected to begin streaming on Peacock later this year.



As manufacturers and developers try to further unravel the capabilities and promises of technology, a fair share of advantages and disadvantages are unlocked along with it. Apparently, certain threats and risks arise every time a new possibility or opportunity is explored. It seems that consumers – malicious users – always find ways on how to take advantage of such innovations for their personal selfish intentions. 

Advancement in technology, however, isn’t always bad. Of course, there’s still quite a number of hardware and software being launched on the market specifically created to address such issues. Products like what MacPaw offers are meant to enable users to enjoy the benefits of the virtual world without compromising their safety, privacy, and security. After reading several positive and negative feedback about their products and services, we’ve initiated this MacPaw review to know for sure if they can be trusted or relied on. Read on and learn if the MacPaw products are worth it.

Who Is MacPaw?

So who or what is MacPaw exactly? Is it a legit company? Does it offer fully functioning products? Are the inclusive services great?

MacPaw is an all-in-one tech-focused company that programs various software to achieve and maintain privacy, anonymity, safety, or security. The company was founded by a Ukrainian developer in 2008 and now has satellite offices located in Kyiv, Ukraine, and Santa Barbara, California.

MacPaw merely wanted to design and develop software that could offer significant and relevant modern solutions. Over time, several applications and programs were being added to their robust collection of software. As of this writing, they have a wide array of products available  – from a camera roll cleaner to archived file retrieving tool to mac cleaning software. 

So if your main concern is the legality of the company, there is nothing to worry about in that aspect. In fact, most products offered are available and downloadable from the App Store, meaning it has passed the rigid quality control of Apple. Let’s see, however, if all products and services offered can stand up to their advertised promises and guarantees.

What Products Does MacPaw Offer?

macpaw review digital addicts

If you’re planning to get the app or to spend a hefty sum for any of the products offered, let’s further check if each of the available programs is capable of providing great value for your money.

CleanMyMac X

MacPaw is commonly known for its mac cleaner software, the CleanMyMac X. In fact when you search for the company, you’ll be welcomed by a seemingly endless list of CleanMyMac reviews. As the name implies, the goal of this software is to dig deep into your Mac to locate and get rid of junk data and ghost files, and make your device brand new again. But, is CleanMyMac by MacPaw safe? The issue we found with this product is that it tends to delete even data and files that shouldn’t be deleted. Unlike iolo System Mechanic Pro, per se, CleanMyMac is an effective but not thorough tune-up utility software.

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CleanMyPC is the Windows version of CleanMyMac. This Windows PC cleaner is programmed to find useless files, remove unnecessary data, clear cache, and overall optimize the computer. Like the Mac version, it tends to remove even log files that shouldn’t be. Also, the too frequent triggered alerts could get annoying after some time. 

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CleanMyDrive 2

This external drive cleaner is a lightweight tool as it practically has no system resources, making it an ideal compact handy tool. It’s programmed to automatically clean external drives, removing even junk that’s well-hidden. Unfortunately, CleanMyDrive 2 is not compatible with macOS X 10.7 and up.

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As advertised on MacPaw’s official website, ClearVPN offers a smooth and effortless secure online experience. While it’s true that it does mask your virtual connections and physical locations, it significantly slows down the Internet connection speed. Also, unlike VyprVPN or SurfShark VPN, ClearVPN offers limited country server options and is unreasonably expensive.

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In a nutshell, Setapp works like a reimagined App Store – it’s home to a robust collection of quality Mac apps. Note, however, that this is a subscription-based service, meaning, once you stop settling the fees, all downloaded apps would stop working as well. Plus, the Setapp Mac app typically utilizes too many system resources in the background, contributing to the overall latency of the system.

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Gemini 2

With the end goal to free up space and optimize the device, Duplicate File Finder intuitively locates duplicate files and simultaneously wipes them. The downside though is it eats much energy and resources to function properly, resulting in system freezing and downtimes. Also, it’s unreasonably priced compared to the limited features it offers.

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Gemini Photos

Gemini Photos is a camera roll cleaner designed to find similar photos, select which one’s the best, and clear the rest. While this could be convenient for some, others find it scary as the algorithms aren’t flawless. Aside from the process is time-consuming, it’s not accurate as sometimes it suggests good photos are blurred or it doesn’t always choose the best shot.

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The Unarchiver

The Unarchiver can unpack any archive, regardless of the format, characters, or location. It’s easy to install, easy to operate, and easy to navigate. However, if you need to retrieve data or recover files anonymously then this might not be the best app for you. As an alternative, you can try DDI Utilities.

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Wallpaper Wizard 2

With hundreds of thousands of HD wallpapers for Mac, Wallpaper Wizard 2 is a great background image manager. It allows you to quickly customize and personalize your Mac with wow-worthy images.

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Using AES-256 encryption, Encrypto protects your personal and confidential files. It works as easily as dropping the file into the app, setting a password, and sending the file with added security. Some loopholes we’ve found on this file encryption app include no cloud storage platform integration, no file name encryption, and no advanced features.

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What We Think of MacPaw Products

It’s good to have a third-party service provider like MacPaw offer additional Mac programs. If you’re still wondering, Is MacPaw safe? Rest assured the safety of the products isn’t taken lightly by MacPaw.

Overall, we think the MacPaw products could come in handy depending on your preferences, especially if you’re using a Mac. If you’re on a tight budget though, we don’t recommend MacPaw. 



Current is a free fintech bank that’s offering new users a $50 referral bonus after signing up for an account using a referral link. Here’s what you need to do to earn your $50 Current referral bonus. 

  1. Open a Current account using a referral link (here’s my Current referral link). 
  2. Receive a direct deposit of $200 or more within 45 days of opening your account. 
  3. Your $50 bonus will post within 10 business days after completing a qualifying direct deposit. 

Current is an easy bonus to earn and also gives you access to three savings accounts that pay you 4% interest on up to $2,000. That means you can put away up to $6,000 earning 4% interest. That’s very good and makes Current an account I recommend to everyone.

In this post, we’ll look at how Current works and walk you through the steps you need to follow to earn your $50 Current referral bonus.

What Is Current? 

Current is a fintech banking app similar to apps like Chime and Varo. It offers two main products – a checking account and a savings account (they call their savings accounts, savings pods).

The Current checking account works like a regular checking account. It comes with no hidden fees and access to a network of free ATMs. The Current debit card also offers cash back at select restaurants and other retailers. 

In addition to the checking account, Current also gives users access to a savings account that offers 4% interest on up to $2,000. This makes Current a valuable option for anyone looking to get the most return on their cash or anyone looking for a good place to store their emergency fund. We’ll talk about the savings account in more detail later in this post. 

In the past, Current came with two plans. There was a free basic plan that gave you access to one savings account. Meanwhile, the premium plan gave you access to three savings accounts but also came with a $5 per month fee. I used the basic plan because it was free.

However, Current recently made some changes. When you sign up now, you can open the premium plan with no monthly fees. This gives you access to the three savings accounts, so when you sign up, you should open the premium plan (assuming it remains free).

Current Referral Bonus – Step By Step Directions

With that background out of the way, let’s look at the exact steps you can follow to earn your $50 Current referral bonus. 

1. Open A Current Account Using A Referral Link. The first thing you’ll need to do is open a Current account using a referral link. Here’s my Current referral link if you are interested in earning your bonus and supporting this blog too. My referral code should automatically be filled in when you open the account, but if not, be sure to use my code: KEVINH891

When you open your Current account, you’ll get the option of choosing between a basic or premium account. As I mentioned in the previous section, the premium plan is now free, so you should pick the premium plan when you open your account. It’s okay if you pick the basic plan however – you can still upgrade to the premium plan later. 

When you sign up, it may say that the premium plan costs $5 per month, but when you actually open the account, it’ll say that it has no annual fees in your app. 

2. Complete A Direct Deposit Of $200 Or More Within 45 Days. Once you open your account, you’ll need to complete a direct deposit of $200 or more within 45 days. The terms state the following:

A Payroll Direct Deposit must be made by an employer or payroll provider by ACH deposit. Transfers from Paypal, Zelle, Venmo, Square, GooglePay, Cash App, or similar peer to peer transfer services, one-time direct deposits (such as tax refunds), mobile check deposits, and cash loads do not qualify as a Payroll Direct Deposit.

The plain language of the terms suggests that you would need to complete a real direct deposit to trigger the bonus. If you can do a real direct deposit, that is your best option to earn the bonus.

That being said, many data points show you can meet this bonus by completing an ACH transfer from a regular bank account. Ally Bank does not work to trigger the bonus, but people have reported that Discover Bank or Schwab will trigger the bonus. You may need to complete multiple transfers to see which one works. 

3. Your Bonus Will Post Within 10 Business Days. The terms state that your bonus will post within 10 business days, but most people see their bonus post in about a week. This is important because it’ll give you time to see if your direct deposit method worked. If you don’t see your bonus in about a week, try again with another bank. Remember, you only have 45 days to complete a qualifying direct deposit, so don’t waste too much time here.  

Current 4% Interest Savings Account Strategy

Beyond the referral bonus, Current is especially useful because it comes with a 4% interest savings account. I’ve written in detail about the savings account in this post: Current Bank App – A 4% Interest Savings Account On Up To $2,000.  

Current calls their savings accounts “savings pods.” It pays 4% interest on your first $2,000. Everything above $2,000 does not earn interest. In other words, if you had $2,001 in your savings pod, you’d earn 4% interest on $2,000 and no interest on the remaining $1. 

If you open sign up for the premium plan (which is now free for everyone), you’ll be able to open up to 3 different savings pods and put $2,000 in each one. That’ll give you $6,000 earning 4% interest. 

The savings pods are kept in an FDIC-insured bank account, so you’re not putting your money at risk by having it in Current. Even if you don’t care about the $50 referral bonus, you should still open a Current account solely for access to the savings accounts. 

Refer Your Friends And Family For More Bonuses 

Current users get access to a referral link they can use to refer their friends and family. You’ll earn $50 for each person you refer to Current that completes the above steps. You’ll find your referral in the top right corner of the app, where it says “Get $50.”

current referral

You’re limited to a maximum of $1,000 worth of referrals per calendar year, which means you should be able to refer 20 people in a year under the current referral terms. I’m not sure if Current counts the $50 signup bonus as part of that limit. If they do, then you’d really be limited to 19 referrals.

Either way, that’s a good deal. My advice is to send your friends and family your referral link. You can refer them to this post if they have questions on how to earn the bonus.

Final Thoughts 

Current has been making a name for itself recently and seems to be making a strong push for new users. The referral bonus is good and worth getting if you can meet the terms. Gaining access to several savings accounts that pay 4% interest is even better.  

Plus, if you combine Current with my other 5% interest savings accounts options you can put away a large sum of cash in savings accounts earning a good rate of return.

To learn more about bank account bonuses, check out my post, The Ultimate Guide to Bank Account Bonuses. And to get more detail about Current and how its 4% interest savings accounts work, check out my post: Current Bank App – A 4% Interest Savings Account On Up To $2,000.



The impact of being hit always plays a vital role when it comes to a pedestrian while walking close to the road so if you are involved in a hit as a driver, the legal terms would work and make things complicated to scrutinize your role.

To cover such elements it’s better you find your position by taking aid from experts such as pedestrian accident attorneys in South Carolina to get things clear and be defended well at court with stronger effort done for you.

However as pedestrian injuries would come to concern, they have to be addressed for which legal terms may apply and as the person injured you have the right to sue the driver and get injury cover for which you can take aid from personal injury attorneys Greenville, South Carolina who can prepare the case, file it and make sure your injury is covered.

Before you try to consider your position after hitting any such pedestrian, there are a few things to consider and they may include:

  • Level of damages inflicted
  • Term of processor support
  • Standard of the place where it took place
  • Measures to cover in the legal term

And these are a few things that dictate terms to have a better position so you need to count them first so it may settle your position better in legal concerns later.

Don’t blame the injured

In most such cases it is found that drivers blame pedestrians after being hit, they start to argue and it later proves more severe for them in court if the fault is proved against them so as a driver if you hit a pedestrian, it’s better you do not argue and try to comfort such a person.

Arrange for medical support

It may be critical the way you respond after going to hit a pedestrian, if you are going to run away without any support, then it may cause you more problems later so it’s more prudent if you can arrange to drop such a person out of the hospital and try to pay basic fees to cover for injuries.

No threats to witnesses

In other terms it’s better you do not apply to damage legal terms, drivers seem to threaten close people who watched such pedestrians being damaged and seem to think it may work, but it would only damage your personal position so it’s better you don’t use threats against such witnesses.

Check for fault level

However, if you are been put to legal terms, a pedestrian who got hit has filed a legal case and you are to be presented at court, then before facing the legal terms it’s better for you to find a lawyer and check out the level of fault involved so it can help you to be defended and work things on your side legally at court.

Go legal for defense

Lastly, it is prudent to protect yourself in legal terms, there may be the almost probable concern of filing from pedestrians, and it’s better you also cover it from angles to have a strong defense so you  can go legal, can cover basic evidence and make sure things do work for your own status after helping out pedestrians while being hit on the road.


The technical cover is integral in legal cases and you need to have a strong defense so you can be covered even if you hit a pedestrian to clear your doubts you can discuss the case with Pedestrian accidents attorneys in South Carolina who can guide you, can check for fault angles and defend you well with the level of cover.

However, if the injuries are more severe, as a pedestrian  you need the claim for recovery and feel that the driver injured more severely which need legal recommendations then it’s better to have aids from personal injury attorneys Mount Pleasant, South Carolina who can look for your case, file and fight for you and make sure you are attended with proper recovery from court.



Tip jars are everywhere: at the barber shop, coffee shop, even McDonalds! It can be hard to know where to tip and how much. It is especially difficult to decide for those working on your biggest asset, your house. So when and where do you tip, who do you tip, and how much? Do you tip painters? How about delivery drivers, do they get gratuity and how much?

Tipping Workers: When do you tip?

Traditionally, a tip is a gratuity for exceptional service. In most countries, workers earn a standard wage and a tip is generally only given on rare occasion. Here in the United States, tipping is almost customary or required for restaurant workers or catering staff. This practice has extended out to almost any service provider. The standard of tipping varies among different job types. We tend to tip only when the service is exceptional: the service workers note an area of concern in our plumbing we hadn’t noticed, a repair person uses extra high quality product to repair a wall and goes the extra mile to clean and mop, etc. These extra touches are definitely deserving of a tip or monetary thank you.

What is the tradition for varies services and what should you look for when tipping? Or if you are a service provider, what are some ways you can go above and beyond to show you deserve a little extra. Read on for more insights.

Repair Service: Do you tip plumbers? Do you tip HVAC services?

These workers earn a standard hourly wage and often benefits from their employer. A tip is generally not expected, especially if the business is owner/operator, meaning the owner is the same person who comes to your house. What can you do for exceptional service? Offer water or a snack, make sure their working environment is pleasant if you can: meaning the air conditioning or heat is on or a fan is offered, the place is clean and clear of obstacles as possible or other ways of ensuring they can do their work quickly and accurately.

In addition, make sure to say thank you and commend them on their work if you love what they do! Not everyone thinks of this, but sometimes the best tip is gratitude and referrals. A small business can live or die by references for additional business or allowing them to put a sign in your yard.

One scenario where you may want to tip is if they do an extra for you while on the job and do not want payment. This could happen if your plumber is fixing your toilet and also tightens the sink faucet or adds waterproofing to prevent or fix a leak. That is the whole purpose behind a tip is for work “above and beyond” what is expected, and what better way to show your appreciation.

Do you tip plumbers?
Do you tip plumbers? | HappyCozyHouse

Painters: Do you tip painters?

Painting jobs can be a little different for tipping purposes than a standard repair or service person. Painting is an art, and often requires a lot of preparation work and detail oriented tasks to be done well. Our articles on DIY painting tips can help understand what all goes into a quality painting job so you can decide to DIY or hire someone to help paint.

So what is the standard for painters? For a really well done job a tip is appreciated by most painters, since it is more like an art. A small tip of $10-$20 is often sufficient, unless they did your whole 3-story atrium home, then you may opt to do $50 or more. The tip really depends on the amount of work done and the level of detail. The more detail, preparation work, and time spent with you may indicate more of a tip is warranted. Another thing to consider is if trips to the store were required and if they are leaving or using your tools and materials. If you are receiving high quality tools and left over items, and if the painters did the shopping and spent several trips to the store, or did extra work mid-job to accommodate a change, a thank you in the form of money is more than appreciated.

Do you tip painters? | HappyCozyHouse

Delivery: Do you tip furniture delivery? Appliance delivery?

Heavy item delivery jobs are often deserving of a tip. These delivery drivers are often hauling and lifting 100+ pounds right to your door, or threshold delivery as it is called. If they are doing a white glove service and delivering a mattress or large piece of furniture in your home and placing it in the room, then a tip should be awarded if the job is done well.

Services like Bungii or Dolly work like Uber for trucks. These individuals use their own truck and pick up your appliance or furniture piece and deliver it to your door. These services work in an app, or can be done through the store like Best Buy. These apps and services do leave a place for a driver tip, so consider this tip to support a small business owner or gig worker.

Do you tip large item delivery drivers
Do you tip large item delivery drivers | HappyCozyHouse

Contractor: Tipping contractors

Your contractor is being paid for the job and really oversees the project like a project manager. A tip is generally not expected or best practice for tipping contractors. Since they are paid a flat, or pre-agreed, fee for the job a tip is not necessary. A huge thank you can be said with food or water as well as a positive review and referrals for more business.

Tipping Best Practices

In general, tipping can be a wonderful way to show your appreciation. Many of us struggle with tipping because it can sometimes feel as if its required or an obligation to tip. A tip jar out at a coffee shop or even your hair salon can feel more of an obligation than a feel good act.

By knowing when and how to tip, you can feel confident you are doing the right thing and supporting small businesses, small business owners, hard workers and your community. Tipping does not have to be just money: it can be a reference for additional business, a glowing review on Yelp, Facebook, Google or other social platforms, and shown with gifts of food or support during the work.

Whatever your way of tipping, make sure you are doing so because you want to, not because you have to. No one likes a forced gift and sometimes a kind word or thank you is enough. Do you tip painters? Let us know and check out our other home improvement tips and tricks.

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