Andy Cohen Shares Why He Only Follows Sandoval, Shep, and Craig, Names Ben's Favorite Show on Bravo, and Reveals If He Wants More Kids

Andy Cohen doesn’t follow many members of his Bravo shows. In fact, he follows just a few. And, during a recent interview, he revealed why.

Before sharing his three-year-old son Ben‘s favorite Bravo show and revealing if he has plans for more kids after welcoming his second child, daughter Lucy, in April, the Watch What Happens Live host revealed he follows Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval and Southern Charm cast members, Shep Rose and Craig Conover.

“I should probably unfollow those guys because at this point, people ask me about it,” Andy admitted during a November 27 interview with Us Weekly.

According to Andy, he has good reason for following Sandoval as he and the TomTom co-owner hail from the same town.

“Well, Tom Sandoval, I started following season one of Vanderpump Rules because he’s from St. Louis, and we would post about the Cardinals and this and that,” he explained.

And while Andy also has something in common with Shep, his reasoning behind following Craig was less clear.

“Shep, I started following season one because he was a Dead Head, and then I don’t know how Craig got in the mix, but Craig then got in the mix,” he shared.

Because he follows two of the Southern Charm cast members, Andy has gotten complaints from Austen Kroll, which could lead to some future unfollows.

“Austen said to me recently, he was like, ‘When are you going to follow me?’ I go, ‘I’m not. I’ve got too many problems right now.’ If I now start unfollowing… you know, that’s why,” he warned.

Moving on to his son’s favorite show on Bravo, Andy revealed Ben likes the Real Housewives.

“He’ll come in when I’m watching Housewives. I screen cuts of the shows on my computer, and he’ll come in and want to watch with me,” he told the outlet. “And I’m like, ‘This is daddy’s work.’ He’s seen Watch What Happens Live because he’s been to the show, so he’s watched, and he’ll watch me, and he’ll laugh at my jokes, which I think is so sweet.”

Although Andy loves being a dad to his two little ones, he said he’s not interested in expanding his family — at least not unless Mr. Right comes along and wants to do so.

“No, I do not [want more kids]. I’m good. That being said, if I fall in love tomorrow and someone wants… Then we’re gonna have to talk,” he admitted.


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