Andy Cohen Accuses James Cordon of Ripping Off WWHL Set, Talks Getting Left Out of Late Night Group, and Being "Eternally Single," Plus How John Mayer is Different

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Andy Cohen believes James Corden took a nod from his Watch What Happens Live set when it came to designing his own.

While appearing on an episode of friend Bruce Bozzi‘s podcast earlier this week, the late-night talk show host and Real Housewives exec opened up about the set similarities, feeling left out of the late-night television group, and his relationships with Anderson Cooper and John Mayer.

“I would argue that Watch What Happens Live redefined what the late-night talk show is…[WWHL] was the first bar on late night – James Corden got a bar,” Andy revealed on iHeartMedia and Air Mail’s Table for Two with Bruce Bozzi. “James Corden wound up kind of [ripping off our set].”

But he doesn’t truly mind.

“I am so glad we’re still going, that it is like, great copy my set – go with God,” he stated.

According to Andy, he’s never truly felt that he was part of the late-night crew, which includes James, Jimmy Fallon, Seth Meyers, and Jimmy Kimmel.

“I don’t feel totally part of the [late-night television] group and I have been on late-night TV for 13 years,” he noted, signaling to a Vanity Fair photoshoot years prior.

“Vanity Fair did of all of the late-night talk show hosts and they left me out of it, but they added in James Corden who wasn’t even on the air yet, and Trevor Noah who had just started,” he explained.

As for his personal life, Andy reflected on why he’s still single.

“I am like eternally single because my bar on people is so high,” he suggested. “I have the greatest friends, and so I am comparing new people to people that I have known for so long. I am open to it. Now I have two kids – are people really looking for a 54-year-old guy with two kids?”

While Andy hasn’t been dating, he’s been spending plenty of time with longtime friend and CNN’s New Year’s Eve co-host Anderson, who also has two children.

“We are these geriatric patients hobbling around chasing our children, but look it’s another bonding thing,” he noted. “I think what is going to be really interesting to us, as it develops, is being gay dads and as our kids start realizing more and more, ‘Oh I have gay dads.’ I am so glad that Ben [Cohen] will grow up with Wyatt [Cooper] and that Ben will grow up seeing Anderson and Benjamin [Maisani] raising Wyatt and Sebastian.”

Also during the interview, Andy admitted that when it comes to John, he’s not your average straight male.

“John Mayer is someone who is very in touch with his emotions too,” Andy explained. “He very quickly in our friendship started saying, ‘You know what, I gotta tell you something, I love you.’ He is someone to say, ‘I love you and I cherish you and I cherish our friendship’ – just this stuff that straight guys just aren’t necessarily supposed to say.”

For more on Andy’s interview with Bruce, check out the clip below.

Watch What Happens Live is currently on hiatus for the holidays, but it’s expected to return to Bravo after the New Year.


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