Reigning London marathon champion Amos Kipruto has added his voice to clean sport after Kenya was spared from suspension due to rampant doping cases in the country.

Kipruto who trains at the 2Running Club in Nandi County said that race organizers across the world fear to invite Kenyans due to the doping cases that have tainted the image of athletes.

“Nowadays, race organizers are not inviting many Kenyans because if the race directors fear inviting Kenyans because they are not sure if they are clean and those doping or planning to dope should change their ways and focus on training,” said Kipruto who was the only Kenyan runner at the 2022 London marathon where he became the champion.

With many athletes casting and blaming Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) and the Ant-Doping Agency of Kenya (ADAK) for naming and shaming dopers, Kipruto defended the two bodies saying they are advocating for clean sport and all sportsmen and women should adhere to the rule of the sport.

“We have many allegations among athletes especially Kenya that AIU and ADAK are fighting Kenyans but they are fighting doping in this country because they need clean sport. It is high time for athletes to redefine and change their ways. If you are a person who likes short cuts you should change your ways because you will not escape forever. AIU and ADAK are here for us to propel good sport and if you are an upcoming athlete please plan yourself well because out there is not good. Don’t be conned by shortcuts to richness. Train well and believe that everything is possible. Nothing comes easily,” added Kipruto.

Having a successful 2022, he said he wants the achievement flow to 2023 and get a chance to represent the country at the World Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

“I had a good year of 2022, achieved and I want to maintain the good run into the 2023. So far, I have started training after gym following victory in London marathon and I can my 2023 goals coming to pass because I trust my progress in the career, I trust myself, coach and training mates,” he said.

“having world champions, it is every athletes’ desire to represent the country and because I love this nation, it will be a great thing. If I get a chance I will run with all my heart because I love this country. I will run very well and hoping that that chance should not collide with the races that I will be given by my management because I have my timetable that I follow,” said Kipruto who will be competing in Italy on nee year eve as he aims to compete at the world marathon majors.

While addressing sick children at the Shoe4Africa Hospital, Kipruto said they had to come up with plans to put smiles on the sick children’s face.

“We sat down and decided to come and give what we have as a club because here the young children are suffering. It is high time we give a helping hand to the young people and we have shared, which is a great thing not just for us but to them too,” he said

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