DEAR MISS MANNERS: My husband and I were invited to our good friend’s wedding. Unfortunately, we had plans to be on a cruise then, so we graciously declined.

We gave the couple a very nice wedding gift and were also in contact with the wedding party and did a few favors for them as the ceremony approached.

The week before the wedding, my husband had a mild stroke and was in the hospital for five days. He was discharged two days prior to our cruise departure. Obviously, we rescheduled our cruise.

The wedding couple was notified as to the change in our plans. Should they have reinvited us to the wedding ceremony and/or reception? Should they at least have offered an apology for not being able to reinvite us due to budgetary constraints or the guest count for catering?

All they did was ask if we would let their dogs out during the event. Am I expecting more out of this friendship than is possible?


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