DEAR READERS: Happy New Year! Welcome to 2023. In some ways, it feels like it was a blink ago that we entered 2022.

I began last year with COVID-19 and had to put all of my plans on pause. I had been so excited about the projects I was about to embark upon and got stopped in my tracks.

That healing time became important for me. I had already been contemplating how I wanted to approach the days ahead. Suddenly, I had more time to think. What came to mind the most were family, health, abundance, creativity and security. When I got healthy, I focused on those things.

I definitely had a busy year, but also an intentional one. I made time for the things that mattered most, to the best of my ability.

As we all walk into 2023, let’s do so with focus and intention. Ask yourself what you want for yourself and your world this year. What is important to you? What is not? How have you been spending your time? Is there anything that you have done that isn’t worth carrying over into 2023?


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