SANTA CLARA — No matter how sour their Washington tenures ended, Trent Williams and Kyle Shanahan are playing for championship stakes now with the 49ers, and that factors into Saturday’s approach against the visiting Commanders (7-6-1).

“It’s so hard to go forward when you’re looking back, right?” Williams said at his locker Thursday. “If you drove home looking in the rear-view the whole time, you’d probably wreck.”

Williams is now three seasons removed from Washington’s wreckage, which included their mishandling of his cancer diagnosis before his eventual trade in 2020 to the 49ers.

“I just made my 10th Pro Bowl, and hopefully have back-to-back All-Pro seasons. That’s what I’m focused on,” Williams added. “I’m not focused on turmoil or trials and tribulations that I’ve overcome or anything like that. I don’t hold any grudge.”

Shanahan did his best to hide his disdain for embattled Commanders owner Daniel Snyder. “My issues will never, never be different. They are what they are and that’s not changing,” said Shanahan, who was Washington’s offensive coordinator under his father, Mike, until they were run off after the 2013 season.

Personal issues aside, the 49ers (10-4) are seeking to win their eighth straight game and possibly climb up from the NFC’s No. 3 seed for next month’s playoffs. That’s enough incentive to focus on, not to mention an adversary that is in playoff contention themselves.

“I have no problem with and love (coach) Ron Rivera. I think he’s awesome and respect the hell out of him,” Shanahan added. “I love Martin (Mayhew, Washington’s general manager) and think he’s the man. They’re trying to do it the right way and I’m impressed what they’ve done in the past two years. They’re a good football team and I respect the people in charge.”

Added Williams: “If it was family or something may look at it differently, but this is business. I’m not looking forward to anything other than looking forward to improve our chances to move up in the seedings and just getting ready to start the playoffs.”


Opponents are 0-12 this season the week after playing the 49ers. “It’s a record we’re aware of and one we thing is pretty cool,” Shanahan said.

Although the Kansas City Chiefs won the next game they played after facing the 49ers, that 20-17 overtime win against the Titans came after the Chiefs’ bye week. “It’s a pretty cool stat,” Shanahan added. “It could be coincidence but we like to think not. We’ll take it that way.”

Excluding the Chiefs’ delayed win, 49ers’ opponents have been outscored 312-203 in those 12 combined losses. Seattle, which lost to the 49ers 21-13 last Thursday, will try to snap that hangover curse when they visit the Chiefs on Saturday.


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