Dear Readers: As the global pandemic waxes, wanes, and threatens to wax again, we seem to be experiencing something of a hybrid existence as we try to serve our own health needs, while trying also to respect and protect those around us.

As I offer my annual “charity roundup,” I’d like to remind readers that while charity truly does begin at home, it need not necessarily be confined to home.

Those who can afford to share their material wealth should give abundantly, donating locally to the library, after-school programs, hospice center, arts organizations, historical society, and animal shelter.

Acts of kindness and compassion are always worth their weight in gold: Shoveling a walk for a neighbor, writing a letter to an elder, and volunteering at the local food bank are all ways to express your generosity.

All of the organizations I recommend are highly rated (unless noted) by Charity Navigator, a trusted source. Always do your own research before donating, and choose organizations that align with your own values.


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